How Apple Resulted in Seismic Shifts in the Landscape of Popular Culture

How Apple Resulted in Seismic Shifts in the Landscape of Popular Culture main

The mere mention of an iPhone or an Apple Watch gets everyone overexcited, and people cannot seem to control their mouths from running. We have several opinions when it comes to Apple products. Some of us would do anything to own a MacBook, while others might have a world of reasons that they are ready to cite for why they do not want to use an Apple product. Whatever the case might be, it cannot be refuted that this brand has always found itself at the center of debates, controversies and discussions. Little remains to be said when we think of how the various Apple products set at towering prices have changed the domain of technology. From entrepreneurs to artists, everyone finds an iPhone or that pricey MacBook of great help. They have quite a user-friendly interface and also have a store full of apps that help them to manage their tasks and projects well.

From converting a youtube video to gif to delegating tasks to employees, Apple products do everything and much more. No wonder these products, despite their exorbitant rates, have transformed every sector of life. That said, in this article, we shall look into the ways Apple resulted in some seismic shifts in the landscape of popular culture. It is no surprise that Apple products have made subtle and sometimes vivid appearances in movies, music albums and other forms of art, and have gone on to become a status symbol of sorts in popular culture. Therefore, on that note, let us now look into the role of Apple in popular culture and reflect on how far we have come.

Apple and Music

For several decades, music could be easily purchased in the form of singles or albums. However, soon set in a period where music started being purchased only as albums. Then we saw the phase where digital music started raising a furore, and purchasing single-songs was back with a vengeance. These single tracks could be purchased on iTunes, and users could even create playlists that would suit their needs and moods.

This single-track phenomenon also affected the world of television. Back in time, the episodes of television shows would not be released on any other platform. However, things quickly changed with the advent of iTunes, as it became the first platform where these episodes would be sold. There might be several platforms where episodes of television shows can now be streamed and watched. However, iTunes was that one platform that brought this phenomenon into being.

How Apple Resulted in Seismic Shifts in the Landscape of Popular Culture phone

Apple and Comedy

Apple was also one of those brands that revolutionized the domain of comedy. Its portable music player was one of the major components that was instrumental in the development of podcasts. Though the concept of podcasts went through a mild period of tentativeness, it quickly gained popularity and people who used them knew exactly what they needed to do. Comedians started making podcasts that delivered original content and gained a massive following in a short span.

Though there are several platforms and hosts these days that help comedians make podcasts and allow people to stream the same, it must be acknowledged that Apple’s portable music players were the first devices that made this a phenomenon.

Apple and Books

It might seem too much of a stretch to credit Apple solely with the growth of e-readers. After all, it was Kindle that resulted in this mushrooming of e-readers and made e-reading what it is today. It is almost similar to what Apple did for music. However, here is something that we need to understand and acknowledge. The Kindle is fashioned after Apple’s tablet, a device that you can carry around anywhere, download the content on and use it with ease. To this day, there are millions of people who trust these tablets to go about their reading.

Therefore, it might not be too much to assert that the Kindle would not have existed if it was not for the tablets by Apple. These tablets paved the way for the Kindle, and it is about time that we acknowledged the same. The Kindle might have made e-reading a massive phenomenon, but it was inspired by Apple’s tablets, and there is no way to refute the same.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Apple products have come in handy to artists and entrepreneurs for decades. From working with simple photography and editing tools to using more complicated apps, Apple products leave room for everything. These apps, when used in the right ways on your machine, can help you deliver unrivalled content for your projects. Therefore, the discussion that ensued only proves how Apple has transformed the landscape of popular culture and in ways that might be a little too surreal.


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