Five Best Yorkshire Seaside Towns for Seniors

Five Best Yorkshire Seaside Towns for Seniors (2)

The Yorkshire coastline is one of the most picturesque places in the country. It’s awash with charm, beauty and some pretty special fish and chips. As we get older, we often find comfort in the sensory experience of the seaside, with many seniors upping sticks and moving to the many care homes that line the seafront.

There’s something incredibly special about looking out to the North Sea, and there are many places well worth a day trip for seniors, whether that be as a trip out from elderly care homes in the likes of Halifax, Selby and Huddersfield or a short holiday with loved ones.

But where are the best places in Yorkshire for a senior’s trip to the seaside? Here’s some inspiration…


Nestled between Scarborough and Bridlington, Filey is renowned for its unspoiled beaches and historic promenade, a fantastic spot for some fish and chips. It’s an incredibly calm little town with Victorian architecture and well-maintained gardens, offering a nostalgic and relaxed pace of life. It’s a flat area of the county, which makes it easy to explore, while the cafes and benches along the seafront provide plenty of options for taking a break and enjoying the scenery.


One of the most picturesque fishing towns in the country, Whitby is a must-visit for anyone that hasn’t been before, and is filled with leisurely strolls and fantastic seafood. The harbour is where much of the action is, and while always busy there are still plenty of opportunities to stop, rest and reminisce. While there are a lot of hills moving out of the harbour, it is still a magical place to visit with family and loved ones, particularly as you get older.

Five Best Yorkshire Seaside Towns for Seniors (1)


Offering a balance between traditional seaside town and more modern conveniences, Bridlington is a brilliant destination for seniors. It has a huge promenade to stroll along, as well as some great amenities, including the Spa. It’s got an excellent public transport system, some fantastic B&Bs, as well as plenty of charm and peace and quiet.


We all know what Scarborough offers, it’s why so many of us go back time and time again. It’s a classic British seaside town that offers elegant gardens and golden sandy beaches. The South Bay is a perfect spot for seniors to enjoy strolls along the seafront, while the many museums and theatres can provide plenty to do during those days when the Great British weather kicks in.


Finally, for seniors looking for a more intimate seaside experience, Staithes is a quaint fishing village that offers all the relaxation and peace you could possibly want. It’s charm in abundance thanks to its narrow, cobbled streets and beautiful little cottages. The harbour is the hub of the village.

It isn’t the flattest area of Yorkshire, but given the slower pace of life in the town it is an ideal spot for taking a slow, civilised and peaceful trip away for any senior wanting the fresh air, sights and smells of the seaside.


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