Travelling to Sunny Spain? What You’ll Need to Pack

Travelling to Sunny Spain What You’ll Need to Pack (1)

Spain is a coveted destination during the summer months. In fact, the country’s Ministry of Tourism reported that over 50 million tourists visited between May and October in 2023. The online travel marketplace Wego recorded over 800,000 searches for an enjoyable summer trip to this picturesque country in the same year.

These numbers are not surprising. From the vibrant streets of Madrid and Barcelona, where high-end boutiques and traditional markets await exploration, to the charming bars serving traditional tapas and the coastal eateries offering delectable seafood paella, Spain offers diverse experiences to delight every traveller.

However, exercising caution under the blazing Spanish sun is crucial amidst all the excitement. Below, we discuss more of Spain’s summer delights and list four essential items to pack for your trip.

Exploring Spain’s summer delights

Summer in Spain offers a plethora of activities to indulge in. Major cities, for starters, offer cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks to explore under the warm Iberian sun. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the UV index and the heat, especially when spending long hours outdoors. In July 2023, the mercury in the southern Spanish city of Seville reached 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). Yet, lines of tourists continued standing in line with lukewarm water bottles to enter the Royal Alcázar Palace despite its stones being intensely hot to the touch.

The situation over on the coast is just as intense in both heat and enjoyment. For example, the sunny coast of Costa de la Luz provides an excellent opportunity for a foodie tour. Here, travellers can indulge in innovative seafood dishes at beachfront restaurants like Aponiente or beachside dining at La Casa del Farero, where tables virtually sit on the water. At El Cuartel del Mar, you can even wiggle your toes in the sand while enjoying delightful ajo blanco con sardina ahumada and a tarantelo de atún.

You may even be in Spain without being in Spain. The Canary Islands are Spanish but sit just off the coast of Africa. Tenerife’s welcoming hotels will provide you with a great place to stay and explore the island whilst also getting to grips with the vibrant nightlife.

Travelling to Sunny Spain What You’ll Need to Pack (2)

Three essential items to pack for a sunny Spanish summer

Insulated water flask
Hydration is crucial for a safe experience under warm temperatures. Opt for an insulated water flask over a disposable plastic bottle to keep your water refreshingly cool, even in the longest of queues. Local brands like Laken and BKR are known for their functional and fashionable usage, with colourful silicone sleeves and eco-friendly materials. This makes the item a sustainable choice too, ensuring you’re contributing to Spain’s efforts at eco-tourism.

UV rays are capable of reaching the eyes from various angles, including above, from the sides, and even below, especially when reflected by surfaces like sand and water. To shield your eyes from its potential dangers, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality shades. When selecting sunglasses, prioritize lenses that block 100% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Speciality brands such as Maui Jim and Costa offer proprietary lens technology designed for optimal contrast and glare reduction alongside fashionable frames and designs like Mavericks or Saltbreak.

Remember, if you need glasses for reading or long distances, investing in prescription sunglasses is also important. These sunglasses come with your lens prescription and provide sun protection. Gucci, Ray-Ban, and Oakley are just some of the major designers that have fashionable frames that can be bought with prescription lenses; now you can look effortlessly cool on the Cadiz beach in your Aviators and also actually see what is going on around you!

Whether you’re in an urban city or rural countryside, sunscreen can provide your skin with a coating of UV protection. Look for products with a minimum of SPF 30. For specific skin needs, you can opt for the sunscreens from ISDIN, which cater to skin with rosacea redness and pigmentation spots. The best part is that ISDIN, with its B Corp certification, is committed to environmental protection. This is especially crucial after a beach in Malaga was handed the first ‘black flag’ for sun cream contamination in 2022, highlighting the importance of choosing eco-friendly suncare options.

As you prepare for your summer adventure in Spain, be sure to pack these essentials to stay comfortable and protected from the sun’s rays. With the right gear and precautions in place, you can fully enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer, from its vibrant cities to its stunning coastline.


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