A Q&A with Janalynn Castelino

A Q&A With Janalynn Castelino

Lara Crasto, in conversation with global pop artist, singer-songwriter and doctor Janalynn Castelino…

An all-round talent at the age of 25, Janalynn’s music reflects a blend of pop and R&B along with world music elements and multi linguistic skills. Having explored a new genre in the first quarter of 2024, she delivered back to back Lenten releases this season making waves that were loud enough.

Major congratulations! I’m so excited talking to you. Where are you right now?
Thank you so much! Over the rainbow.

Before we meander further down the proverbial Q&A pathway, let’s go back in time, what’s your past with music like? How did you get into it?
Music has always been an integral part since childhood. I’d love engaging with anything belonging to that genre of art, and especially with singing.  I was first introduced to art in the form of religious music by my family, though no one comes from the music industry. Formal singing started at the age of 3 and the first time I performed on stage in front of a large audience was at the age of 5, at a school recital. However, academics were a priority during later years and this hobby was submerged over time. Inter-school singing competitions, participation in dramatics – that was it, nothing further beyond. It all restarted for real when I uploaded a random cover to YouTube as a hobby while pursuing a career in medicine. I was around 18 at that time and fortunately, one of the music videos uploaded blew to garnering 24 million views on YouTube.

Why did you still continue with your academics at that point?
I’d enrolled into the course on the basis of merit because I wanted to learn and graduate as a doctor. No grey areas and absolutely no scope for quitting.

Are you influenced by the city or the countryside?
I’m influenced by art in all forms.

Your Italian-Folk release came out a couple of months ago. Were there any new elements that were done differently?
Yeah, absolutely! If you’re the mainstream pop kind of listener, production-wise you’ll notice a diverse array of folk instrumentation – melody and percussion alike, some of which you possibly might have never heard of earlier. For anyone coming from the Mediterranean and for those familiar with the sound of Southern Italian music, it’s just routine elements.

Your go-to studio meal?
Everything and anything you crave to eat for the day.

A Q&A With Janalynn Castelino

What according to you, is the most challenging part of touring?
Fatigue, for it can strike really bad.

Describe your journey in one word?

You’ve certainly got an exciting 2024 lined up, what’s the immediate next that we can expect from you?
New music for sure!

Is there anything you’d like to share with fans?
Can’t wait for y’all to hear my next single that’ll be out sometime soon.

For more information about Janalynn Castelino, check her out on Instagram and Facebook.


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