Four Yorkshire Walks to Try This Summer

Four Yorkshire Walks to Try This Summer malham cove

As the sun begins to shine down on Yorkshire’s roaming hills of lush, green pastures, the desire to enjoy some well-needed time outdoors has returned for many of us. Whether you’re a local looking for some inspiration for your next adventure or are visiting God’s Own Country for a weekend, the region’s landscape and bountiful walking routes make it the ideal location for a day spent rambling.

So, what are you waiting for? Dig out your walking boots, pack a flask of tea and get yourself to the countryside. For some inspiration, the following four routes offer beautiful views and cater to all walking abilities.

The Yorkshire Dales: Malham Cove and Gordale Scar Loop

Renowned for its spectacular limestone ‘amphitheatre’, Malham Cove is only a short walk from the village of Malham. Formed at the end of the last Ice Age, the curved formation lends its roots to a waterfall ferrying meltwater from glaciers. The result is what we see today: a dramatic, curving rock face that encompasses the valley.

Traverse this geological wonder by following the circular route to Gordale Scar, a scenic gorge hidden amongst the limestone cliffs. Take a stop at Janet’s Foss waterfall to appreciate the region’s natural beauty.

The Peak District: Edale to Kinder Scout

Connecting the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire border lies the Peak District, one of the UK’s largest National Parks. The quaint villages, grandeur stately homes and superb natural landscapes make it the ideal spot for a few days spent exploring.

Roam the Peaks’ rugged moorlands across the summit of Kinder Scout, the highest point in the district. As you begin to descend the plateau, rest assured there are ample quintessential pubs to quench your thirst in the surrounding villages such as Edale.

Four Yorkshire Walks to Try This Summer malham

The Coastal Path: Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby

Adopt a change of scenery by heading to the coast, where a seven-mile walk from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay (or vice versa) stretches across the coastline. The historic town of Whitby attracts many tourists every year, with its medieval Abbey watching over the town from the hillside.

The route between the two coastal locations allows walkers to take in the beauty of Saltwick Bay as well as stumble across small fishing villages that maintain their traditional charm.

Brimham Rocks and Nidderdale Circular Walk

One must-visit location to add to your list is Brimham Rocks. The formations date back to over 325 million years ago, with each rock taking on a unique and dramatic shape. Wander through the geological site as you make your way across the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Beauty.

The route is particularly family-friendly, with plenty of stop-off points for picnics with benches and open spaces for a dog to run off any excess steam.

Yorkshire offers walkers of all abilities the chance to get outdoors and experience nature at its best, and the four routes mentioned above are just a handful of the places waiting to be explored.


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