Duex Plus Portable Monitor – Review

Duex Plus Review

By Steve Crabtree, April 2024

As a self emplyed Copywriter and Marketing guy who’s office is at home, I often vary the places I do my work.  The office, the living room, the kitchen worktop, and at client premises… me and my MacBook are here, there and everywhere.

But I often need more than one screen.  Well, I do to enable me to work more efficiently.  So, taking my MacBook anywhere other than the office means I’m restricted to the one monitor. Which is fine, but can prove frustrating.

The Duex Plus Portable Monitor from Mobile Pixles Inc. promises seamless multitasking for laptop users on the move. As someone who frequently shifts workspaces around the house and relies heavily on dual-screen setups, I was eager to see if this portable monitor could meet my needs.

What’s in the box

  • 1x Duex Plus Portable Monitor
  • 1x USB/USB-C to USB-C Connection cable
  • 4x Laptop Magnets
  • 1x Fitting Stencil

Duex Plus Review

First Impressions

When I unboxed the Duex Plus, I was struck by its sleek design, and lightweight feel. At first glance, the attachment process seemed straightforward, albeit a bit unconventional, and it looked the part.

As I made my way through the box, the provided stencil and magnets suggested an innovative approach to securing the monitor to my MacBook, so I thought I best get started on getting my new laptop screen set-up.

It took me a moment to understand the process, but once I followed the instructions, everything clicked into place quite effortlessly.

However, the simplicity of the physical setup was offset a little by the digital requirements. To get the monitor up and running, I had to download an app, grant screen recording permissions, and unlock certain settings. This initial setup process reminded me that while today’s technology promises instant pleasures, sometimes there’s a bit of groundwork required to achieve optimal performance.

Visually, the monitor seamlessly integrates with the MacBook’s aesthetic, appearing as though it’s part of the original design. Its minimalistic look adds a touch of sophistication, making the MacBook feel like an even more robust piece of tech.

Duex Plus Review

Ease of Use and Performance

After the finicky set-up, connecting the Duex Plus to my MacBook via the USB-C cable was straightforward. The monitor is clipped on to the back of my MacBook thanks to magnets, slides out and automatically powers on. It comes with an adjustable hinge allowing for optimal viewing angles, and while I found the need to angle the monitor towards me a bit of a necessity to prevent my laptop screen from folding back, the adjustability it offers is great.  It holds its position nicely too.

From a picture quality aspect, it’s decent with easy adjustments for brightness, contrast, and saturation. The eye-care modes, which reduce blue light, are a welcome feature for extended use. The colour reproduction is good, while the brightness is decent and the sharpness is acceptable.  As a secondary screen, the Duex Plus is great for tasks that don’t require intricate colour accuracy or high resolution. Whether I’m resizing images, using it for research pages while making notes, or multitasking between different applications, the Duex Plus does deliver.

However, for tasks like video editing or watching videos, I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on this monitor due to its limitations in colour accuracy and resolution. I also find the loose connection cable to be a bit cumbersome at times. Something more built-in would be a nice touch, and a great improvement.

What Mobile Pixels Inc say:

“The Duex Plus portable laptop monitor offers a slightly larger display screen at 13.3” and is ideal for professionals and those who wish to multi-task with ease. Whether you’re presenting, gaming, teaching, or multitasking, Duex Plus is a clean, simple-to-use, plug-and-play solution. The Duex Plus is a perfectly sized monitor for laptop screens between 13 to 14 inches.”

Duex Plus Review

The verdict

Overall, the Duex Plus Portable Monitor has proven to be a valuable addition to my mobile workstation. It’s now an indispensable tool that I genuinely appreciate. Its seamless integration with my MacBook has granted me a nice amount of flexibility on the go. All the while enhancing my productivity.

Whilst the initial setup process required a bit more effort than anticipated and the display quality not quite matching the pristine clarity of my MacBook, these minor drawbacks are overshadowed by its affordability and practicality. In fact, considering its price point, the Duex Plus offers remarkable value for money. Both friends and clients have been impressed by what it offers. And the monitor substantially reduces the time I spend switching between tabs, pages, and applications.

If you’re in search of a practical, affordable solution to multitask efficiently while on the move, the Duex Plus Portable Monitor is an outstanding choice.

The Duex Plus portable laptop monitor is available from scan.co.uk. RRP: £259.99


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