Henry Quick Pet Vacuum Cleaner – Review


By Steve Crabtree, April 2024

In a household where the playful antics of a pet cat and occasional visits from family dogs are a frequent delight, managing pet hair becomes an inevitable challenge. Our clothes, in particular, seem to attract these furry reminders of our four-legged family members, despite the efforts of our current vacuum cleaner.

Enter the Henry Quick Pet Vacuum cleaner. With its renowned Henry branding and a promise to tackle pet hair with ease, we were eager to see if this specialised vacuum cleaner could be the solution to our hairy situation…

What’s in the box

  • 1x Henry Quick Pet Vacuum cleaner
  • 1x Power/Charging cable
  • 1x Charging station
  • 1x Extra Pet Tool
  • 1x Crevice attachment
  • 6x Pods
  • 10x Scent Pods
  • 1x Instruction Manual


First Impressions

Opening up the Henry Quick Pet Vacuum cleaner, its sleek design immediately caught our eye. The size was just right, not overly bulky but substantial enough to indicate its power. While it felt slightly heavier than our usual upright vacuum cleaner, the ergonomic design made it comfortable to grip. We were optimistic that this vacuum cleaner would be easy to manoeuvre, promising efficient cleaning sessions ahead.

We were pleased to find that the vac came with a pod already inserted. With two distinct suction modes, the Henry Quick Pet boasts an impressive 60 minutes of powerful cleaning on a full charge, a commendable feat for a cordless vacuum cleaner. The control panel proved to be user-friendly and intuitive.

The flexibility of the floorhead was a standout feature during our initial use. It effortlessly navigated around corners and under tables, making cleaning a breeze. Whether on carpet or hard floors, the 2-in-1 Combi Tool proved effective, particularly for dusting skirting boards. The Mini Motorised Tool is another highlight, excelling at removing stubborn pet hair from furniture edges. Despite feeling slightly heavier as the clean goes on, that’s just proof that it’s working.


“Incredibly smooth and effortless”

One of the standout features of the Henry Quick Pet Vacuum cleaner is its exceptional manoeuvrability. Moving around the room, navigating corners, and manoeuvring around furniture felt incredibly smooth and effortless. While it may not quite ‘float’, it certainly zooms around with impressive agility, making cleaning less of a chore.

I also like the clear chamber of the Henry Quick Pet. Being able to see the pod inside fill up with debris and pet hair in real-time provides a satisfying visual confirmation of its cleaning efficacy. This transparency ensures that you can tackle those pesky pet hairs and knowing that you’re picking up as you go along.

What Numatic say:

Henry Quick Pet is a new addition to the Henry Quick range, with the power and suction you would expect from Henry but in a sleek, stick version. It is designed especially for homes with pets to clean up stubborn hair and dirt in seconds, as homes with pets tend to accumulate more dirt and dust.


The verdict

The Numatic Henry Quick Pet Vacuum cleaner exceeded our expectations, particularly during the ‘sit on the sofa’ test where barely any pet hair transferred onto our black clothing. This vac has proven to be the solution we’ve been eagerly searching for.

With its ease of manoeuvrability, impressive suction power, and decent battery life, the Henry Quick Pet delivers on its promises. However, it’s worth noting that the battery does drain more quickly when using the ‘Boost’ function, so we only activate that when we really need to.

The range of accessories provided proved invaluable for tackling tighter areas of the room, as well as stairs, sofas, and other upholstery. While the vacuum does become slightly heavier with extended use, the outstanding results make this a minor inconvenience. Additionally, its compact design makes storage hassle-free. Thanks to the Henry Quick Pet Vacuum cleaner, we can now confidently sit down at home without the constant annoyance of being covered in cat or dog hair, reducing our reliance on lint-rollers.

Overall, the Henry Quick Pet Vacuum cleaner offers excellent performance, usability, and represents good value for its price. For pet owners with pet hair problems, it’s a worthwhile investment.

The Numatic Henry Quick Pet is available from myhenry.com – RRP £339.99


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