Flexispot E8 Desk – Review


By Steve Crabtree

Standing desks.  I’ve been intrigued about them for some time now – and I wasn’t really sure why.  I like the idea of them, I guess. But are they actually a thing…or a fad?

With the growing interest in these products, I was eager to explore their real value beyond the trend. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the Flexispot E8 standing desk. And I have to say, it’s left me really impressed on a number of counts.  Once I knew I was going to be setting one of these up at home, I was quite excited about it.

Initially, that excitement went on hold for a while, as the frame arrived three weeks before the desktop.  When I got in touch with Flexispot about this I was told they came separately “to prevent damage”. But, when the top did arrive, it was the DPD van’s delivery number 57 of that day, so I just think Flexispot forgot that, in order to use the frame…I’d need the top!

Anyway.  The Flexispot E8 desk is a two-box thing.  And you need to get your strength on when they arrive at your door. The frame weighs in at a hefty 30kg package and the desktop box is 150cm x 90cm – a cumbersome lift. Both deliveries might need to be a two-person job to get the desk into the home.  Clear yourself some space to store them until you’re going to build them too.

However, eventually with the kit in my house, it was time to see what this standing desk was all about.  And everything else was to become plain sailing…

“Strong, sturdy piece of kit”

You put this desk together from scratch, and when you open the box you know it’s going to be a substantial setup. I decided to be logical for a change and work from the bottom up, starting with the frame.

Taking out all its parts, you could tell that this was going to be a strong, sturdy piece of kit. And assembling the frame proved to be relatively straightforward too. The package includes the necessary Allen keys for construction, but you’ll need a Philips head screwdriver of your own.

I’m not the best DIY kind of guy, but attaching the side brackets to the supporting beam and installing the lift columns is a breeze. The handset, control box, cables, and management tray complete the assembly really easily, with everything adjustable and secured using said Allen key.

My top tip for putting this together is to do it wherever you’re going to put the desk in your home.  A bit of a no-brainer with its weight, rather than attempting to position the desk in your desired spot afterwards.


“Generous workspace”

With one frame ready, the desktop pretty much slots into place with a few screws.  After ensuring the cables were in the right place and out of the way, the finished desk took a little under an hour to build at a very leisurely pace. And it looked impressive. Just like it looks on  Flexispot’s website. But bigger!

Now, it was time to put the desk to the test and determine if it truly lived up to the hype.

The version I tried out came with generous workspace dimensions of 140cm x 80cm.  This gave me a serious amount of space, letting me house my laptop, a second monitor, camera gear, a ring light, phone holder, printer, notebooks and, of course, space for my essential morning coffee and afternoon tea. And there was still an abundance of room for much more…my first thought was that this is the type of desk that’d really suit the creatives out there.  Graphic designers who like to scribble as they work would love this.  And they’d be able to pop their favourite photographs on the desk too. And a plant. Loads of things.

The motorised functionality of the desk exceeded my expectations too. It was quick, remarkably smooth, and surprisingly quiet. The control panel, while functional, could benefit from a design more in sync with the desk’s aesthetics. However, it’s straightforward to operate, free of unnecessary complications. It has a nice memory button too, so you can set your ideal desk height.

There were no mechanical issues, and it operates in three distinct leg-lifting stages, reaching an impressive height of 125cm. Thanks to the robust steel frame, stability remained intact even at its maximum height.


“Sturdiness and reliability”

So there I was all setup. And I found myself quickly adapting to the standing work environment, with creative ideas flowing more effortlessly while standing and leaning casually on the desk during more contemplative moments. The desk’s rounded edges at different leg sections ensure safety, as they prevent any risk of fingers getting trapped. Additionally, there’s a child lock feature for added peace of mind, especially for those with inquisitive little ones.

They say there are a lot of benefits to using a standing desk for work.  Those benefits can include burning more calories, improvement in energy, posture improvement, a reduction in back pain, and better circulation, mood and focus.

In all, there are a lot of reasons why the Flexispot E8 standing desk is a great bit of kit.  It’s impressed me with its sturdiness and reliability. It’s a fantastic addition to our home office workspace, providing ample room for productivity and ergonomic comfort. I couldn’t find a single fault with this desk, and I’ve really taken to it.

Whether you’re working from home or seeking a versatile and efficient workspace, this standing desk from Flexispot is a worthwhile purchase, and one you won’t regret.

At the time of reviewing the 140cm x 80cm Flexispot E8, it is available from Flexispot.co.uk for £504.98


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