Green Businesses – Easy Tips for Becoming Sustainable in 2024

Green Businesses - Easy Tips for Becoming Sustainable in 2024 (1)

In the last few years, people have become more aware of the condition of the environment. Research shows that 66% of consumers consider the sustainability of a business before they purchase something. Due to this, you need to go green.

Currently, there are many green initiatives that you can implement in your organization, including reusing materials and reducing energy usage. As a result, you’ll significantly lower the negative impact you have on the environment. Of course, these are only two ways that you can start utilizing. 

Today, we’ll learn more about how to become a green business and provide a few tips that will come in handy. Let’s begin!

Start Recycling

The circular economy approach follows a very simple motto – reduce, reuse, recycle. In other words, it is much better to reuse your materials than throw them away and contribute to the loads of waste that damage our environment. However, teaching all of your employees can be pretty tough. So, here is what you can do. 

First and foremost, you should start by placing recycling bins in all offices. What you should remember is to make them visible and easily accessible so that you can encourage your workers to start recycling on a daily basis. 

However, big firms often dump a lot of e-waste. This refers to all of the computer parts, phones, batteries, ink cartridges, etc. Therefore, it’s a good idea to put a bin for such waste, at least in one place in your company. 

Promote a Takeback Program

One thing that is closely related to recycling is the takeback program. For example, if your company is in the sales industry and you offer various products, encourage your consumers to return them to you or put them in particular places near their homes so you can recycle them.

In return, offer some cashback percentage, discount, or loyalty points. This will not only cut your production costs (as you won’t need to purchase new raw materials), but you will also be able to contribute positively to the repair of the environment. 

Rely on Renewable Energy Sources

Did you know that fossil fuels contribute the most to the damage to the ozone layer and global warming? To prevent this, you should consider using renewable energy. Although this may sound tricky, it’s easier than you think.

You can generate energy from the sun by installing solar panels, from the wind by setting wind turbines, or from the water. The only thing you should keep in mind is the climate in your firm’s location. That said, you can’t benefit from the sun if you’re located in a cloudy region. 

But besides changing the energy sources in your company, you can also purchase electric vehicles for distribution. Even though this can be a more expensive investment, it reduces the impact on the environment, as there are fewer gas emissions.

Reduce the Energy Use

Aside from investing in renewable energy sources, another thing you can do is pay attention to how much energy you spend. One way is to change the regular lightbulbs with LED lights that not only last longer but also use around 90% less energy. 

On top of this, try unplugging your devices when you leave your workplace. Even though you may put them on standby mode, they still continue using energy, which boosts your utility costs and impacts the world in which we all live. 

Green Businesses - Easy Tips for Becoming Sustainable in 2024 (2)

Collaborate with Environmentally-Friendly Suppliers

Some customers go beyond your company and check who your suppliers are. If they find that you’re supplying from companies that don’t take action that helps the environment, they may simply switch to your entirely green competitors. But how is this related to your reputation and sustainability?

Well, if your vendors are located far away from you, the shipping will take longer, and especially if not done correctly, it generates many emissions into the air. Also, they may use raw materials that are hazardous to the environment, such as mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. 

Last but not least, the packaging that your suppliers use plays a crucial factor. If they pack the raw materials in plastic bags, your customers may find this concerning. They often associate this with waste and endangering the environment.

Pay Attention to Your Company’s Paper Use

Everyone knows that paper comes from trees. So, the more paper you use for signing deals, posting announcements, and other paperwork, the more trees are cut. Also, the paper contributes 23% of the solid waste in land fields. 

Luckily, there are many alternative ways that will help you limit your paper usage and still get all your work done. For example, you can switch to using email for official announcements in the company. You can even start signing documents online with the many signature maker tools that are available nowadays and send them in PDF to your partners. 

Furthermore, keep your files in a digital format on the cloud. Not only is this a more secure method, but it also drastically lowers the amount of paper you will need. However, if printing some documents is inevitable, try printing on both sides and then recycling the paper after you no longer need it. 

Large Green Enterprises 

While being sustainable in the business world is nothing new, many firms have already gone green. So, let’s have a look at some of the business giants that took green initiatives and care about the environment:

  • IKEA
  • Patagonia
  • Starbucks
  • Apple
  • Ford
  • McDonald’s
  • Amazon
  • UPS
  • Bank of America
  • Google
  • Walmart
  • Tesla
  • Pepsi 

Final Thoughts

According to NCEI’s analysis, there is a 99% chance that 2024 will be part of the top 5 hottest years on record. This fact is very concerning, which means that each of us should start taking some minor action that will lower global warming. 

When it comes to businesses, you can become green by undertaking activities like recycling, starting a takeback program, reducing energy and paper use, switching to renewable energy sources, and collaborating with eco-friendly suppliers. 

Due to this, you will show your consumers that you care about the environment and retain them, but also cut your costs and cause a slightly better tomorrow for everyone.


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