Four Charities in London That Want Your Support

Four charities in London that want your support

Helping a charity in its mission to help other people is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Whether you made it a new year’s resolution to give a bit back or you simply want to dedicate some free time to it, there are roughly 166,000 charities in the UK that are always willing to accept help.

That help could come in many forms, a charity law firm offering support, a marketing agency spreading news of the good work being done or simply volunteering to help out with your chosen charity’s operations.

Many UK charities have bases and locations in the capital, London, so here are four that we think are worth donating your time to.


Foodcycle’s mission is to turn produce that is set to go to waste into healthy, nutritious – and delicious! – meals that feed people who need it most in communities.

With around a dozen locations in the capital, you’re likely to have close to you where you can assist in making food for people, serving it or simply engaging disadvantaged people in a friendly conversation.

This aim to build community ties is just as important to Foodcycle’s purpose, helping people’s mental and physical health in one fell swoop.

Four charities in London that want your support dog

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

This animal shelter south of the Thames has been operated since 1860, caring for and rehoming unwanted dogs and cats.

The charity estimates it has helped more than three million animals in that timeframe and they are always on the lookout for donations and volunteers to take good care of the animals calling it home – hopefully not for long!

Wandsworth Oasis

Founded in the midst of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1989. The Oasis was founded with the help of the Salvation Army and originally operated as a drop-in centre to help those that had contracted the illness or wanted information.

The organisation’s collection of charity shops in the southern parts of the city have raised over £1 million to HIV-related projects in just the last decade.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success originated in the USA and has operated on British shores with a centre in London since 2015, helping women from disadvantaged backgrounds get into better jobs.
Styling and mentoring play a huge role in the organisation’s efforts to empower more women


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