Winter Storage Solutions For Your Home This Year

Winter Storage Solutions For Your Home This Year

Now is the perfect time of year to think about winter storage, with plenty of time to prepare and organise ahead of the colder temperatures. There are various storage solutions and ideas for the colder months that help homeowners to store their items safely and effectively without damage from bad weather and colder temperatures. It’s important to think about both indoor and outdoor storage solutions, so you can get really smart about your solutions, use your space in the best possible way, and be organised for winter.

Optimising your indoor storage space

When space indoors is at a premium, winter can feel really challenging! Suddenly there are coats, shoes, stove supplies, bulk buys for the kitchen and seasonal items everywhere. It’s a good time to declutter and to move any things that you no longer need, as this is far easier than constantly organising your home.

Once you’ve cleared out unwanted items, think about the things that you use most often and aim to store these in the easiest reach. More occasional items can be boxed and placed away from easy access. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Invest in shoe storage cabinets for all of those shoes and boots, and add extra doormats so that muddy footwear can be dried off before it’s stored overnight.

2. Add an umbrella store by the front door – something suitably tall and narrow to take up minimal space.

3. Modular storage tubs are great for around the home. Choose modules with lids so that you can stack them. Collapsing crates are great for easy storage when they aren’t in use.

4. Multifunctional furniture is a fantastic choice for smaller spaces. For example, storage beds are highly popular and are a smart way to add space to a small bedroom. It’s one of the smartest storage solutions for bedroom organisation as you utilise all the space under your bed that would otherwise be wasted.

5. Consider a storage unit. There are plenty of flexible storage units which offer rolling contracts for domestic storage. These are great for sports items that you won’t use over winter, such as canoes, camping equipment, paddleboards or bikes, for example.

Winter Storage Solutions For Your Home This Year garden

Outdoor storage solutions for winter

It’s not only indoor storage that homeowners need in the winter, it’s also garden storage too. Whether you are storing away your garden tools, logs, or your coal, it’s important to use quality exterior storage solutions that will withstand all weathers. From robust wheelie bin covers to weatherproof garden storage boxes, there are lots of clever options on the market now.

With the right garden storage solutions, you will be able to keep a range of items organised and tucked away during the colder months of the year. Here are some winter storage tips for the outdoors:

1. Build a rain-secure garden storage unit for your logs and firewood – felt makes a good protective covering once the unit is in place.

2. Invest in a large garden tidy for all of your garden equipment or garden waste that you want to store out of sight.

3. Clear away any broken, unwanted or seasonal items that won’t last until spring and recycle whatever you can.

4. Use a composter to take care of your kitchen waste and to build up a compost store in the process.

5. Invest in a storage bench that provides a lovely seating area for a cuppa on a sunny autumn day, with under-seat storage for garden items.

6. Consider installing a new shed, or install garage racking into your garage with solid plastic storage boxes for robust and damp-proof storage solutions for your garden. High shelving is also very handy for items you rarely use.

7. Use large storage bunkers for salt, grit, and coal. These are robust and weatherproof to ensure that all your inventory is safe and dry. These can be lined up in a garage, shed or under a shelter for extra protection from the outdoor elements.


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