Christmas Inspiration with Flowers in the House

Christmas Inspiration with Flowers in the House

It’s December already, which means I’m going to decorate my house for Christmas. We celebrate Christmas purely as a tradition and I think it is such a pleasant time of the year. Getting together with family, decorating the house in an attractive way and spending a lot of time together. In addition to the Christmas tree, I mainly provide many lights and a cozy Christmas table. But this year there will be something fun, namely Christmas inspiration with flowers!

Christmas decorations with flowers

Among the Christmas flowers the most popular to give at Christmas is hellebore. It is a perennial note that comes from the Christmas rose which is native to Central Europe. It is a plant that can reach a height of 30 cm and with very large flowers that resemble the rosehip. The colour of the flowers changes from opalescent white to pink and purple-red. In reality, hellebore flowers can also show various shades, such as pink, green, and cream. The stems are fleshy and the leaves are serrated with a more or less dark green colour. This winter rose is a flower sacred to God and precisely because it blooms at Christmas. In fact, it is one of the Christmas flowers very much connected with the Christian tradition and the Nativity.

The Christmas cactus – the winter-blooming Schlumbergera

La Schlumbergera Buckleyi is one of the Christmas plants par excellence that lives on trees in nature. It is an antismog plant that can be grown indoors in pots or hanging containers. Known as Christmas Cactus, this plant has flattened and fleshy stems, of an intense green colour, from which many drooping flowers sprout. The beautiful flowering takes place in the middle of the winter period near the Christmas holidays. It is indeed a thornless fat plant characterized by Christmas flowers which are the most decorative of all. The Schlumbergera Buckleyi has gold flowers of different colour shades that go from white to an intense and vibrant red and revive winter in a special way. It is therefore one of the most beautiful tropical plants, the most beautiful not only to decorate the house, but also one of the ideals to give at Christmas. The Schlumbergera comes from Denmark where it is called blomster fødselsdag.You can order these types of Schlumbergera flowers in Denmark where it is called Blomster bestilling.

Christmas Inspiration with Flowers in the House dressing

Butcher’s broom and holly – the lucky plants

Ruscus aculeatus The butcher’s broom and holly are ornamental plants often used to enrich Christmas decorations. I am in fact decorative plants and it brings good luck that brings so much positive energy into our homes. These plants we usually grow in deciduous forests, can be safely grown in pots or in gardens creating real hedges. In particular, it is an evergreen shrub with leathery stems and disorderly attrition. Its tangle of green branches and pointed leaves with red berries make it a very beautiful plant. It has two types of sharp leaves. There are the true leaves and the false leaves. The former are deciduous and small, the latter are thorny and sharp. The butcher’s broom is a dioecious plant. That is, there are specimens with only female flowers and others with only male flowers. The female flowers bloom in winter and are white in colour, and will soon turn into the characteristic red berries.

How do you create the magic of Christmas?

Make the magic of Christmas possible with the Christmas flower arrangements ideal for decorating the house. The Christmas decorations in particular can be made with not only winter flowers and plants but also seasonal fruits. Fresh or dried fruit, in particular, mixes with the scents of flowers and gives life to a triumph of scents and colours.


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