Getting Your Children in the Festive Spirit This Year

Getting Your Children in the Festive Spirit This Year (2)

The holiday season is here, and during this time, parents eagerly anticipate the joy it brings to their family’s lives – watching their children’s eyes light up with Christmas magic.

Yet, in a world filled with plenty of distractions, getting kids in the true festive spirit can sometimes prove challenging.

However, with some creativity and enthusiasm, it’s more than possible to create the festive spirit to create beloved memories for your entire family.

Make the festive season extremely special, from the time your children finish their day at a Grandir UK nursery to them waking up on Christmas day, with these top tips!

• Endless festive activities

With the festive season comes a plethora of activities that can truly immerse your little ones in the holiday spirit.

From decorating the house, putting up Christmas trees, and baking festive treats – each activity will spark that festive joy.

You can set a day aside to let your children’s creativity run wild by making paper snowflakes, ornaments for the tree, as well as stringing garlands.

Not only are these opportunities for bonding moments, but they add a personal touch to your now festive home!

• Embrace traditions

There are plenty of traditions that are at the heart of the holiday season – whether it’s watching classic movies or singing carols, there are many that can become part of your family’s new traditions.

You could begin an annual hot chocolate night where you create your own unique twist to the drink and gather around to share stories.

Creating some new traditions creates anticipation and nostalgia that your kids will remember for years to come…

Getting Your Children in the Festive Spirit This Year (1)

• Learn about cultural traditions

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but if you do, it’s always great to learn about how other cultures celebrate their own traditions.

It’s also a great learning journey for your children to understand and accept other people within the world.

Teach your children about Hanukkah or Diwali, alongside many other cultural festivities, so they foster an appreciation for other cultures.

• Attend festive events

Have a look at your local events calendar or other places you’d like to visit this season, so you can take advantage of the activities and events that are taking place.

You can visit Santa and explore the festive markets, which can open your kids up to a sensory experience, where they can take in the different sights and smells that make the festive season what it is.

This way, the holiday season can come alive to them in all its glory!

• Prioritise family time

There’s no better way to spend the festive season than with the family, and the kids will appreciate this quality bonding time with their favourite people.

The festive time can often be a busy period, but make sure that family time is a priority.

You can all go for winter walks or have cosy winter nights, alongside family game time.

Disconnect from the hustle and bustle and reinforce these family bonds, so your children can see you getting involved in the Christmas spirit too!

Getting your children into the Christmas spirit isn’t all that challenging, especially when there are so many ways to do so. How will you begin celebrating with your little ones?


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