The Devil Within: The Demons of Yorkshire

The Devil Within

Season 2 of The Devil Within journeys back to the early 1970’s – and the rolling hills of Yorkshire – for the terrifying true story of the exorcism of Michael Taylor.

In 1974, Michael was experiencing challenges with his marriage and economic hardship. When he joined a local church group, he unexpectedly fell in love with a young and beautiful preacher. As the mild-mannered family man’s personality took a dramatic turn for the worse, his church believed he was possessed by no fewer than 48 demons, for which the only cure was a centuries-old remedy that had become something of a sensation by 1974 – exorcism.

The Devil Within 2


Yet, despite the church’s best intentions to save his soul, tragedy struck the Yorkshire town of Ossett. When the exorcism only removed 40 of the demons, Michael returned home to kill his wife and her toy poodle, blaming one of the demons for the crime.

Hosted by Branden Morgan, and produced by Cavalry Media in collaboration with Wondery, The Devil Within: The Demons of Yorkshire tells the terrifying story behind Michael Taylor’s brutal exorcism. What caused Michael and his wife to join the local church group? What were the circumstances surrounding his possession. Who was the women with whom Michael fell in love? And who was to blame for the vicious murder of Christine Taylor?

The Devil Within: The Demons of Yorkshire is available on all major podcast platforms from September 26. You can listen on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the Wondery app.


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