Things You Need To Do Before You Bring A New Puppy Home

Things You Need To Do Before You Bring A New Puppy Home main

Bringing home a new puppy is a big change for the pet and the family. The puppy needs to deal with a different environment and new people. They also have to learn to follow the regime set by their owners. On the other hand, the family must think about how a new addition will fit with their current lifestyle. However, you can take precautions to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Our guide will help you prepare for the new puppy’s arrival. Here are things you need to do before you bring your four-legged friend home.

Have All The Supplies Your Puppy Needs

In order to keep your puppy healthy and happy, you need to get a lot of equipment. You must obtain a collar, leash, comfortable bed, some toys, and, of course, foods and supplements that will help them to grow and stay in an excellent physical condition. Companies such as Time For Paws offer a whole range of equipment to help you take care of your puppy and any other pets in your household. Obtaining quality supplies before the puppy arrives home will help to keep everyone at ease. It will also make the change much more manageable.

Produce Ground Rules With Your Family

Before your new friend arrives, you should arrange a meeting with members of your household. There, you should establish rules everyone will need to stick to. This way, the puppy will get consistent treatment and training. It will also make the transition much easier for your family. The meeting will help you to inform everyone of what to expect when the pet joins the family and what changes it will bring to your everyday lives. You can also discuss the puppy’s new routine, so everyone knows how to keep the pet disciplined.

Ensure Your Home Is A Safe Environment

Puppies are very curious and could easily get into dangerous situations, even around your home. Suppose you leave your puppy alone, even for a few moments. In that case, they could quickly get to any poisonous substances or plants you left in an accessible spot. They could also chew through any exposed cables. To avoid such accidents, hide everything that could be harmful to your puppy. You can also use a child gate to limit the area the pet can explore. And before you let the puppy into the garden, ensure that all the gaps are closed so your new pet cannot squeeze through and run away.

Find A Vet You Will Trust With Your Pet’s Welfare

During the first few months, it is necessary to take your puppy for regular check-ups and vaccinations. Before you bring your pet home, you should research your local vet clinics. To ensure that you will put the welfare of your pet into the right hands, you can try to ask your friends and family about their experiences. If this is your first pet, these conversations might prepare you for what you can expect. Once you come to the vet, do not forget to enquire about microchipping and keeping your contact details up to date. This way, your puppy will always come back to you if anything should ever happen.

Things You Need To Do Before You Bring A New Puppy Home

Prepare A Crate That Will Keep Your Puppy Safe

Transporting your puppy in a crate will be the safest way of getting the new family member home. To make the puppy feel more comfortable, you can spray the crate with pheromones. Or, if you have a blanket or a toy with a smell the pet is familiar with, you can make them feel calmer by putting these items inside. Do not forget to line the crate with an absorbent material that will protect the puppy and car from small accidents. And if you want to make the pet feel even more secure, you can cover the crate with a blanket to keep them in a darker environment.

Find Out What Your Puppy Likes

Ask the person you are getting the pet from what they eat and what toys and blankets they prefer. If you can, enquire about the information early so you can stock up on things the puppy likes. Perhaps you will even be able to take a sample home with you. Having around things that will feel or smell familiar will help the puppy to be more comfortable and get used to the change faster. You can also try to bring some toys to the puppy in advance if possible. They can get used to them, and you can bring them back later when it is time for the pet to join the family.

Get A Pet Insurance That Will Protect Your Pet

The puppy becomes your responsibility when you bring them to your home. Hence it is important that you arrange in advance insurance that will become effective on the day. The insurance will protect your puppy and help you cover vet bills if they get injured in an accident. However, suppose your pet becomes a part of a car accident. In that case, you might also become liable for the reparation costs of the damaged car. Then, the insurance company might be able to help you to cover your expenses. But do not forget to do your research properly. Read the conditions carefully, and then pick an insurance that best fits your needs and requirements.

Let Your Puppy Take Their Time With Socialising

Your puppy will eventually need to socialize with other dogs and get used to meeting different people. However, if you are bringing home a young puppy, they will need a lot of rest. If you have children, restrict them from the puppy for a little while, as the pet will need a lot of sleep. You can let them play together, but you should limit it to only a few shorter sessions. You also need to make sure that everyone is safe during play time and address any bad behaviour. For example, ignoring biting could lead to much more severe problems in the future.


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