Keep Your Pets Fit And Healthy With These Top Tips

Keep Your Pets Fit And Healthy With These Top Tips

People care deeply about their pets. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a dog, a cat, a fish, or a tortoise. We forge deep emotional bonds with our animal friends, many people see their pets like a child or member of the family.

However, our pets depend on us to look after them and keep them safe. This includes protecting them from external dangers and ensuring they are in the best possible condition. While the specifics for caring for pets can differ from species to species, the general principles remain the same and you should strive to follow them to guarantee your pet stays fit and healthy. Keep reading to find out more.

Get Your Pet Insured

Just like humans, pets can hurt themselves or become unwell. It could be an accident when they’re playing and get over excited, or they could pick up an infection from another animal they meet. It doesn’t really matter, what’s important is your ability to care for them in their time of need.

Vet bills can be extortionate, it’s just an unfortunate fact of pet ownership. Even seemingly small procedures or treatments can incur substantial costs, with major operations coming with bills that are simply unaffordable for most people.

The very best thing you can do is get your pet insured. Take a look at options for pet insurance by Petsure, they offer a range of deals to choose from so you can guarantee your pet’s vet bills will be covered should they require medical attention.

Keep Your Pets Fit And Healthy With These Top Tips dog

Exercise Them Regularly

All animals need exercise and stimulation. Some will need more than others, a tortoise will need less than a dog, for example, but they will all require a level of activity to keep their bodies healthy and in good condition.

For a pet like a dog, the solution is simple; take them for lots of walks. Walking your dog won’t only give you both some much needed exercise but will keep your dog happy and can strengthen the bond between you.

For animals like cats or pets that stay at home like rabbits or small rodents, it is just as important to keep them active. This can be done by having regular play sessions. Buy them toys and games to stimulate them and keep them amused. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these, you could have just as much success with household items. There’s nothing a cat loves more than a carboard box or a paper bag.

Feed Them A Balanced Diet

What you feed your pet is incredibly important and can have a long-lasting impact on their health and fitness. Don’t opt for the cheapest possible pet food, this is often very low in essential vitamins and nutrients and can include potentially harmful filler material.

Go for for mid-high range pet food. This may be more expensive at first, but you will reap the benefits as your pet will be more likely to live a long life free from major health issues. Some pets can benefit greatly from supplementary snacks such as vegetables or fresh fish. This can provide them with what they might not get from their pet food, and they will enjoy the variety and new flavours. However, always ensure that the food you give your pet is safe for them to eat. Animals can’t eat all the same kinds of food we can, feeding them the wrong thing can make them seriously ill, or worse.


Keeping our pets fit and healthy is vital for ensuring they live a long, happy life for years to come.


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