Better in Black and White: Adding Monochromatic Designs to your Home

Adding Monochromatic Designs to your Home main

Redecorating your home can be quite a long process, especially if you have a rather large property. When you want to change your walls, appliances, or even some of your outdoor décor, you might have a specific colour scheme in mind. As unconventional as it may be, opting for black and white colourings could bring a number of benefits to your home. The first and foremost of these being how classy it can make each room look when done correctly.

Black and white bathroom furniture

Your bathroom may be smaller than the other rooms in your home, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be filled with blindingly bright colours. Opting for a black or white marble bath from Lusso Stone Baths and Basins can give you the functionality you require while adding a great amount of luxury to the room. Having a bath made out of marble, rather than standard plastics, may make your bathroom look and feel that much more upmarket. You could even opt to decorate the rest of the bathroom in opposing colours so that the bath is more noticeable. The material itself may also be more impervious to scratches and imperfections, as well as making it easier to clean.

Adding Monochromatic Designs to your HomeChange out your cupboard doors

You may enjoy spending a great amount of your time in the kitchen. Those that love the culinary arts may want a workspace that both serves a purpose and looks to be of a high quality. This is where black cupboard doors and fittings may serve you well, especially when paired with a white countertop. Whether you completely replace old doors, or simply sand and repaint them to fit in with your style is up to you. However, you may notice that they don’t show knocks or scratches as much as their lighter counterparts, meaning they may look better for longer. Adding some well-placed lights underneath wall cupboards, and even along the plinth, can also help to create a dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere perfect for hosting romantic and family dinners alike.

Darker foliage

The changes you make to incorporate black designs don’t need to be limited to the interior of your home. You may also be able to adjust your garden to follow suit. While potentially not as popular as their brightly coloured counterparts, it is possible to buy flowers and shrubs that feature black and other dark hues. Spacing these out along your garden, or even intermingled with other colours, can help to give you more of a variety. When choosing plants, it can be important to pay attention to the type of soil found in your garden, as well as how much care they require, so that you can really help them to thrive. At the same time, you might even be able to find matching furniture to place on your patio. Consider white paving stones or a light-coloured rockery to really make your plants pop.

While black and white designs could potentially make your home feel small or drab if not used right, when used correctly they can really make your home feel stylish. Making some minimal changes, as opposed to covering each room in monochromatic shades, may have the effect you desire.


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