6 Handy Tips for Sleeping Better in Lockdown

6 Handy Tips for Sleeping Better in Lockdown main

Are you guilty of finding it difficult to sleep during the lockdown period? Do you struggle with putting your mind at rest and achieve a well-rested sleep?

If the answer is yes, all your sleep related problems are going to be resolved if you practice these simple steps. These tips will surely save you from sleepless nights!

Don’t work from your bed

Work from home is a common practise these days. You should try to have a home office space or work on a desk. Bedroom should be an area designated for relaxation. Try to schedule your tasks and wind up your work on time. It is a good idea to open all curtains and let the sunlight shine in, so your body clock is regulated when you start the day and you can get tired towards the end of the day.

Sleep on clean sheets

Although lockdown can make us really lazy, a good idea is to wash your sheets regularly. The smell of fresh sheets will instantly unwind your nerves and you will feel calmer.

6 Handy Tips for Sleeping Better in Lockdown linen

Invest in bedspreads

If your bedroom has a personalised element and is visually appealing – you are most likely to feel rejuvenated. Bedspreads are a good choice for adding a luxury and comfortable factor in your bedroom. You can play around with colours and textures of your own choice. For example you can add in a fitted bedspread in a matching hue. If you are not sure where to buy them from, you can get your fitted bedspreads today from Yorkshire Linen.

Get blackout curtains

Blackout curtains will keep the sunlight out and help you sleep peacefully. If you don’t yet have blackout curtains, you should think about getting new ones and you will not regret your decision!

Keep the gadgets away

Try not to use your gadgets in the bedroom because they are going to activate your brain – making it hard for you to sleep. Do not use your phone or tablet atleast 1 hour before you think of going to sleep.

Bring fresh greenery

Add a sense of greenery in your bedroom. You can bring plants and flowers for a refreshing touch. Greenery will help you think clearer and also add a good visual effect in your overall bedroom look.


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