Health Conditions All Adults Should Watch Out For

Health Conditions All Adults Should Watch Out For (2)

Some health conditions are more common than others. As someone over the age of 18, it’s a good idea to know the symptoms to watch out for, just in case they one day affect you. The more you know now, the safer you’ll be later on in life.

For both men and women alike, these conditions can be diagnosed at any point throughout adulthood, although it’s more common to be diagnosed over the age of 40. Even so, there are multiple exceptions in the 20+ bracket!

No matter what, it’s good to be informed about your health. If something feels wrong, talk to a doctor.

Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of things that can go wrong in and around the heart. Adults aged 40 and over are most at risk of developing heart issues, but if you have a family history of heart troubles, getting checked at a younger age is key. Similarly, it’s good practice to always keep an eye on your blood pressure, no matter what age you are.


An autoimmune condition, adults can be diagnosed with either Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, even if the former is more common in children and adolescents. Symptoms such as going to the toilet a lot, having sugary sweet breath (that often smells ‘fruity’), and constantly feeling thirsty can be indicators that a person is diabetic.

Getting a HbA1c test, often referred to as a ‘long range blood glucose check’, can prove whether you’re experiencing the onset of diabetes. Be sure to talk to your doctor if any of the above symptoms have not gone away or have become worse over time.

Health Conditions All Adults Should Watch Out For (1)


Another autoimmune condition, lupus is caused by your immune system mistakenly identifying your body’s tissue as something to destroy. The most common symptom of lupus is a rash appearing on the face, usually over the cheeks and nose. Pair this with joint and muscle pain and it could be a sign your body is dealing with the early onset of this condition.

Of course, no one can diagnose you except a doctor, and certainly not without a few tests, but make sure to book an appointment as soon as you’re able to.


It’s very common, and more common than you may think, for an adult to be diagnosed with a secually transmitted infection. There’s no shame in it and it’s certainly a lot safer to see a doctor about one than trying to downplay the issue. Indeed, it’s specifically important to get tested for an STI as many of them can be symptomless.

As such, if you’re sexually active, book an STI test on a regular basis. Tests only take a couple of minutes from the beginning of the appointment to the end and it could save you a whole world of heartache in the future.

Anybody can develop a health condition. Understanding the most common conditions can help you live a healthy life.


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