7 Signs That You Need a New Car

7 Signs That You Need a New Car interior

7 Signs that You Need a New Car

Cars are more than just a transportation device because just like homes, a lot of memories become associated with them over time. However, that love for your old car might also be preventing you from seeing the obvious signs that it’s time for a change of wheels. To help you see past the attachment, here are seven signs that are almost always indicative of the fact that you need a new vehicle.

Frequent Breakdowns

The rule of thumb is that a car should not be breaking down on you more than two – three times per year, irrespective of its age. This excludes the general repairs and superficial damages of course, since it’s more about how many radiators you have had to replace in a year or how many times you needed to take the car in for an engine repair. Even if the costs don’t seem too much right now, the frequency of such breakdowns will only continue to increase until the car becomes completely unusable.

People Feel Embarrassed to be Seen in It

While you might be fine with being seen in your rusty car and its shambling state might not even be registered by you, your family and friends will probably not be so lenient in their views. If you notice a pattern where people in general are trying to avoid getting in your car, it’s likely because your car is too old and tattered to be used in public anymore. The car you drive does play a significant role in creating a social image, so it might just be time to make that long overdue change.

7 Signs That You Need a New Car repair

Your Car is Failing Emission Tests

If your car is failing to pass emission tests during the MOT, it’s one of the most obvious signs that it is time to scrap that outdated vehicle. Some cars can be fitted with better emission technology to pass the test, but the cost is quite heavy and it’s probably not worth the price in most cases.

You are Losing a Fortune on Petrol Money

Everybody knows that old cars need more fuel to run than their younger versions, but if you have reached a point where the fuel-efficiency is so bad that you can actually feel the extra money which you are losing at the petrol station, your car is too inefficient to be used sustainably anymore.

Insurance Costs are Out of Control

Just like old, raggedy cars eat up more fuel, they cost more to insure down the line as well. As an additional disadvantage, old cars don’t get all the coverage that new models do for obvious reasons. As a result of this, you are probably paying more premium for less benefits, just because you are clinging on to a vehicle that should have been scrapped a while ago.

7 Signs That You Need a New Car vintageSafety is Not Guaranteed Anymore

No car is 100% safe on the road but that’s the universal risk. Unfortunately, when a car gets too old, it doesn’t remain as safe as it was before and that ever-present risk of getting into an accident becomes ever so greater. Even if you keep your car in top shape and none of the internals malfunction, you will still be lacking on safety features such as electronic stabilisation control, rear view cameras, blind spot monitoring, proximity sensors, etc. They may seem unnecessary to you now, but stats confirm that these features have played a huge role in reducing the number of accidents over the years.

The Exterior Looks Better than the Interior

If you or your passengers can literally see the road beneath your feet while in the car, it’s a very clear and dangerous sign that the vehicle is falling apart. Other signs of a crumbling interior include a leaking roof, doors and windows that don’t close properly, and torn seats. Sure, most of these problems can be repaired but they are likely to come back and it’s very hard to fix an old car that’s coming apart at the seams!

Now that you know about the signs to look for in a car that needs to be replaced, the next question is, what do you do with it? Selling can be difficult as you may have to travel nationwide to find the right buyer. There could be reasonable options for you. You should just scrap it for refurbishment or recycling and use the money to raise your budget for the new car. If you’re based in somewhere like South Yorkshire a good option is scrapping your car in Sheffield and most of the other cities in the UK is as easy as it can be, thanks to Scrap Car Network offering a free pickup in the area.

In fact, Scrap Car Network offers scrapping services for cars all throughout the UK. All the seller needs to do is put in the registration number and the postcode details on their website and the quote will be offered instantly. Being the number one service in the country, you can expect the best price, hassle-free paperwork and even a free pickup from the company.


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