Why a Good Logo is Important for Your Business

Why a Good Logo is Important for Your Business main

Wherever you might be right now, take a moment to look around you. How many logos can you count? From the very well-known, to companies that are just starting out and trying to get noticed, logos are ubiquitous and so engrained into our everyday experience that sometimes we might take them for granted.

But a logo is often the first thing a potential customer notices about your business, so it is in fact a gateway to your brand, the very first stepping stone a customer crosses towards a potential sale.
Therefore, the logo is important. Let’s look at some of the best, how to go about creating one and even examine some of the hidden secrets inside some of the best-known logos…

Where to start?

A good designer will know the importance of logos and possess the skills needed to produce one – indeed, logo design should be their bread and butter. Approaching a digital marketing company or a freelance designer is the place to start. Tell the designer about the business and the company’s ethos so they get a feel for it. A skilled designer should be able to translate your words into a logo that is appealing and possesses some of your brand identity. Most logos can be created at a good cost.

Use it!

Once your logo is finalised start the process of branding. Websites, letterheads, social media, emails – in fact everything that carries the company’s name and details – should carry the new logo. Soon, it will become synonymous with your brand. If you need plastic logos, physical logos or woven labels there are good companies out there who will assist. Over time, as you become a company people can trust, your logo by extension also becomes a symbol of trust. Your logo is powerful!

Why a Good Logo is Important for Your Business logos

Logo secrets

Maybe your designer was clever enough to design in a subliminal message to your logo. Did you know the FedEx logo has a hidden arrow, or the Pinterest ‘P’ logo is a pin, or even that the intersecting ovals of the Toyota logo actually contain the word ‘Toyota’? Even Amazon’s logo has a skilful use of subliminal messaging. Ever noticed the arrow under the word Amazon points from A-Z, suggesting the company sells everything from A-Z.

Colour Scheme

Colour too plays an important role in logo design. Blue, for example, symbolises loyalty, power and trust – hence its use on Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Ford and many other major brands. Red symbolises passion and love, hence Coca-Cola, Netflix, YouTube and Formula One. A green logo symbolises freshness, safety and harmony, the reason for its use in Starbucks, BP and Land Rover. Think closely about your brand and the colour you want attributed to your logo.

A logo is one of the foundation stones of a business. At first it can be used for impact and for introducing your company, but over time it can become an instantly recognised symbol of trust. Use your logo well and it too will serve your company well. Happy designing!


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