Is Woodworking a Viable Career?

Is Woodworking a Viable Career main

Confused about making a career in woodworking? This article may help you.

Have you ever thought about the amazing wooden furniture in your home? The windows, doors, floor panelings? How beautifully woodworkers convert the straight timber into different usable home decors!

With the evolution of technology, there have been many alternatives to wooden home decors, but the appeal of items made of wood has never gone away. Woodworking provides the opportunity to show your creativity and make money as well. According to Tom Bradly, it is a great option for building a career. So why don’t you think of making a career out of it?

Today, we’ll take you through the full overview of the woodworking career, so you can decide if it’s a realistic career option for you. So, let’s dig into it.

Types of Woodworking

There are different uses of wood, like wooden fittings, furniture, windows, doors, staircases, etc. Woodworkers involved in making those varieties of items are also different. There are three types of woodworkers available in the industry.

1. Wood Machinist
Wood machinists are the people responsible for processing logwood into finished goods for residential and industrial use. They cut and prepare the timber for building various wooden products. Their job is to prepare the wood and pass it onto the other two groups of woodworkers. They usually work in timber processing units, veneer and plywood factories, and sawmills.

2. Carpenter
Carpenters are mainly involved in construction works. From the workshops creating products used in building to the construction sites- you’ll find them in a variety of activities. They build windows, doors, wooden fittings, staircases, wall and floor paneling, etc. This is the most well-known and common job in the woodworking industry.

3. Furniture Maker

Woodworkers who make furniture and home decors for our daily use are known as furniture makers. They craft their creativity on wood and create a range of furniture with amazing designs, such as beds, cupboards, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. They work in furniture shops, interior design companies, etc., and are the most creative people in the woodworking industry.

Salary of Woodworkers

The average earning of a wood machinist is £21,450 per year. Carpenters earn almost the same as wood machinists which is £21,639 per year, depending on their skills and experience level.

Furniture makers also earn a handsome wage which ranges from £14,000 to £30,000 based on their working hours and experience. Most woodworkers work full time during regular business hours.

Prospects of the Woodworking Career

From building to decorating, many types of woodworkers contribute to the furnishing of a house. Carpenters prepare the wood, wood machinists construct the partition, frames, and doors, and furniture manufacturers construct the interior furniture.

Therefore, the demand for woodworkers will never diminish. That’s why the woodworking career is considered one of the most prospective jobs in the world.

Illnesses and Injuries for Woodworkers

Woodworkers are exposed to hazards, like harmful dust, fumes, or chemicals, and often need to wear a mask or respirator, and safety glass. Others may be exposed to extreme noise and must use hearing protection devices regularly.

Most injuries involve back pain, sprains, hernias, and carpal tunnel syndrome. These illnesses or injuries come from excessive amounts of unusual bending, twisting, reaching, and repetition, or overexertion.

Is Woodworking a Viable Career job

Skills Required for a Woodworking Job

Like any other job, woodworking also requires some specific skills. Here are some essential qualities that you must have for a successful woodworking career.

● Physical Fitness and Strength
Woodworking is a labor-intensive job. You’ll need to handle heavy and bulky skirt boards, panels, wood planks, etc. every day, which requires a strong physical ability. Else, it will be difficult to survive in this industry.

● Mechanical Skills
The use of hand tools, like wrenches and screwdrivers, are required to calibrate, adjust, and set up machines. Woodworkers must be able to operate computers and other programmable devices to deal with modern technology systems. Also, you must understand and interpret technical manuals and design drawings for various machines and products.

● Math Skills
To understand how a three-dimensional item, such as a closet or piece of equipment, will fit together, you must understand fundamental geometry.

● Creativity
Creativity is mostly required in building furniture. As people demand beautiful furniture, you need to be creative enough to craft designs that will amaze them.

● Attention to Details
Woodworking requires precision in joining and finishing. The whole furniture may lose its beauty without a proper finish. Therefore, you must pay attention to details to meet specifications and to make your work accurate and precise without any defects.

● Teamwork
Woodworking is not solo work. Whether to make the whole wooden fittings of a house or a single cabinet, you will always be working with others. Therefore, you should have the ability to work in a team.

How to Become a Woodworker

Being a woodworker is not that difficult. All you need is a passion for growing and learning more. Here’s how you can get into the jobs:

● Get Qualified
This profession doesn’t require any particular academic background. All you need is practical knowledge of woodworking, like interior decorating with woodwork, furniture restoration, woodturning, etc. You can do some college courses on woodworking and carpentry where you can gather first-hand practical knowledge. Also, there are different online courses in this field that will provide you the credential to get into a woodworking job.

● Apprenticeship
Once you’re done with your courses, look for an apprenticeship to gain practical experience. Here, you will be working as a trainee with professionals in the woodworking industry. There are many furniture companies, timber factories, woodshops, and saw-mills that are willing to give newcomers this opportunity to help them kick start their careers.

● Apply for a job
After working for a while as an apprentice, you will gather experience to get into the job sector. Now you can apply for a job in companies and factories of your choice. If you want to be a furniture maker, you can begin your own furniture-making business. However, it is recommended to work in an established company for some years before going for your own business. It will help you make a connection with your potential clients and to create value for yourself.

Now let’s wrap up. Woodworking has been an ancient industry since the beginning of civilization and will last as long as civilization does. We hope you will find this article helpful in making your decision about your career in this field. Good luck!


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