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Nowadays, people do not just put their money in a bank to stay there for years and get little interest. These days, people invest their money on something, on the stock market, on bitcoin, on digital currency, etc. However, what actually is an investor? An investor is a person that moves their capital with the expectation of a future financial return (profit) or to achieve an advantage (interest).

So basically, an investor is when you put your money on something that you predict can give your money back, or even more. When hearing this, maybe we will get confused, because it does not sound like an investment, but rather gambling. Gambling, which can happen on the betting site, is quite different from investing. Now, we will discuss the difference of putting your money on a stock market, or casino (gambling or betting)

What is the Stock Market?

As an investor, you have to understand whether the money that you put is into the stock market or just simply a gambling. The definition of stock market, equity market, or share market is that it is an aggregation of buyers as well as sellers of stocks (which are also often called as shares), which can represent the ownership claims on various businesses. All of these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange, as well as stock that is only traded in a private way, such as the shares of private companies (PC) which are sold to the various investors through the equity crowdfunding platforms. Investment, which happens in the stock market is most often done via stock brokerages as well as electronic trading platforms. Investment has to be made with an investment strategy in mind.

A trade in a stock market itself, meaning that the transfer (in exchange for the funds/money) of a stock or maybe security from a seller directly to a buyer. This activity requires these two parties to agree upon a price. Equities, either for stocks or shares, confer an ownership interest for a specific company. The participants in the stock market can range. There are many varieties, such as small individual stock investors and range to larger investors. They can be based anywhere all around the world, and may include companies from various fields, such as the following: banks, insurance companies, pension funds as well as hedge funds. Their activity of buy or sell orders may have occurred based on their behalf by a stock exchange trader.

What is a Casino?

When we hear the word Casino, our heads may directly go to Las Vegas, the king of the Casino. Well, if we talk about that kind of casino, it is actually true. A casino is a facility in which certain types of gambling are happening. Casinos, just like the one surrounding the city of Las Vegas, are often built in a hospitality environment; either near a hotel or combined with restaurants, cruise ships, retail shopping as well as other tourist attractions. Some of the casinos are also known for hosting many events, such as live entertainment, for example stand-up comedy, concerts, as well as sports.

However, in this article, what we meant by casino is basically gambling. Gambling is also known as betting. Gambling or betting is the wagering of something that has values (which can be called as the stakes) on an event. This event has to come with an uncertain outcome, in which the betting comes with the intent of winning something of value.

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Gambling or betting thus requires three elements that can be counted, so we can recognise betting. The first is a consideration, which means how much is the amount wagered on a gamble. The second one is the risk. The risk is important so that the chance of winning is smaller, which makes the gamble more interesting and the prize, which is the number three, is bigger. The price as the third element is important as it can give the gambler a promise on how much their assets or money is returned or lost. The outcome of the gambling is oftenly very immediate, for example in the following: a spin of a roulette wheel, a single roll of dice, or maybe from a horse crossing the final line. However, a longer time frames are often become common, with allow the wagers on the outcome for a sport contest or an entire sport season

Gambling or betting is surprisingly also a major international commercial activity. In which, the legal gambling market totaled for an estimation of 335 billion United States Dollar, back in 2009 (12 years ago). Gamble also comes in a different form, gambling can be done with materials that are not real money, but have a value.For examples, there are many games that use wager, the players of a marble game, usually wager their marbles, and also games like Pogs or Magic.

The Key Differences

So, basically, when we invest something, we also have a strategy on investing our money. When we put our money on the stock market, we have to consider many things. There were the company shareholders, the company stability and revenue, the cryptocurrency status, etc. We need an investment strategy in order to be on a stock market. While for a casino, or gambling, we actually do not have to observe many things. We only have to consider the consideration (the amount wagered), the risk (of losing the gamble), and the prize (the returned value).

In both gambling (casino) and investing, a key principle of success in both is to minimise risk while maximising profits. However, when it comes to the world of casino the house always has an edge to winning. There is a mathematical advantage over the player that keeps increasing, the longer they play the game. In contrast, the stock market constantly always appreciates the investor over the long term.

Please note that this does not mean that a gambler will never hit the jackpot or get their money back, and it also does not mean that a stock investor will always enjoy a positive return. However, it is simply that along the way as time goes on, if you keep playing the “game”, the odds will be in your favour as an investor and not in your favour as a gambler.

It is also important to note that there is a big difference between investing and gambling: You have no way to limit your losses. If you put up $10 a week for the England Premier League pool and you, unsurprisingly, do not win, you are out of all of your capital and budget. When you are betting on any pure gambling activity, there are no loss prevention strategies.

In contrast, what we call stock investors and traders have a variety of options as well as strategies, to prevent total loss of risked capital. The way of setting stop losses on your stock investment is actually a really simple way to avoid undue risk. Another massive difference between stock market and casino or gamblng has to do with the concept of time. Gambling or casinos is a time-bound event (an event which is controlled by time), while an investment in a company can last several years or even decades. With gambling, once the game is over, your opportunity to profit from your wager has come and gone. You either have won or lost your money.


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