5 Reasons Yorkshire-Based Businesses Might Need to Compress PDF Files (And the Benefits of Doing So!)

5 Reasons Yorkshire-Based Businesses Might Need to Compress PDF Files main

What first image comes to mind when you hear ‘compression’? A grandma wrestling her feet into a pair of compression socks? A stranger nursing an injury causing compression of the head? Or an employee reducing the size of a file? You’re correct if you thought of the latter first (sorry, there’s no prize!).

In recent years, many UK professionals have become used to sharing/storing documents in electronic formats, with one of the most popular document formats for doing so being the Portable Document Format (PDF). Yet, in doing so, managing, storing, and sharing these files efficiently can become challenging, highlighting the need for compression.

In this article, we’ll explore several key reasons why your Yorkshire-based business might need to compress PDF files and the benefits of doing so! Whether you’d like to free up more storage space on your work PC or send/share files without size limitations, there are many reasons/benefits for using a PDF compressor.

So, if your Yorkshire-based business is looking for ways to maximise your document management processes, continue reading as we outline why PDF compress is such an essential tool, the reasons for using it, its benefits, and how it can positively impact your day-to-day operations.

Maximises Storage Space

While PDFs have revolutionised how the business world shares/stores files, over time, all the images, documents, spreadsheets, etc., you’ve interacted with can build up in your work PC’s downloads folder and impact its storage space. Fortunately, one of the most obvious reasons for using a PDF compressor is that it can help you reclaim precious storage space.

Whether you use your PC’s hard drive or a third-party cloud server like Microsoft OneDrive, IDrive, or Google Drive, compressing your PDFs (or any other files for that matter!) helps ensure your storage space doesn’t become too overrun and that you’re able to store more files.

While most PCs are equipped with adequate storage nowadays, if you use your PC for both your personal and professional lives, you’ll soon find yourself running out of space sooner than you’d think! If you’d rather not fork out for an external hard drive or pay a premium for more space on your cloud server, PDF compress is handy as it can save your business money.

Using online PDF tools like the variety from Smallpdf, Yorkshire businesses can reduce the size of PDFs by ten to one hundred times their average extent, leaving you with much more storage space to work with.

Whether you want to reduce the size of a PDF using a PDF converter or edit text/add images to a PDF using a PDF editor, consider visiting their site for their complete list of online PDF tools. Or contact them directly for specific inquiries and see how their PDF tools could help maximise day-to-day operations within your Yorkshire-based business today.

Creates Better File Management Processes

Nothing is more tedious than scanning, printing, or copying one file simultaneously. Fortunately, using an online PDF compressor, you can simultaneously reduce the size of a handful of files. And by a handful, we don’t mean ten or fifteen; we’re talking about one hundred to one thousand PDFs at once, allowing you to shrink files much more efficiently.

Plus, when you compress files in bulk, you receive them in one zipped file, meaning you don’t have to waste time searching through your computer to find them individually. You reduce the size of files when you compress them and make it much easier to search, access, and organise files (which is especially handy if you share access with multiple people in your organisation!).

As well as making it easier to find documents using a specific keyword or piece of information from within the file, making files easier to search for can boost your business’s online presence, ranking on SERP, and organic traffic. Ultimately it streamlines your file management processes, making it much easier to share/store information and reducing the time lost trying to find wayward files, etc.

5 Reasons Yorkshire-Based Businesses Might Need to Compress PDF Files

It Allows For Reduced Costs

Another reason your Yorkshire-based business might need to compress PDFs is because it’s the cheapest way to maximise your storage without paying a premium for extra space. If you don’t want to utilise your work PC’s hard drive for storage, your business will probably turn to third-party providers like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Typically, a Dropbox Business account offers your team an ample 5TB of storage space when you sign-up, which is more than enough for most businesses when uploading compressed PDFs onto the server. Meaning you won’t have to resort to paying for increased storage for a long time and saving your business money.

However, depending on which file-sharing service your business utilises, you might not be able to download as many files as you like, and there might be a limit on their size. But by shrinking the size of your files using a PDF compressor, you can get around these limitations and have hundreds/thousands of documents within sharing limits.

Plus, you won’t have to pay for faster internet to use PDF compression tools. Since the files are much smaller when compressed, they are relatively easy to send between colleagues, clients, contractors etc., without paying a premium for faster internet speeds and bandwidth. Not to mention, whoever provides your internet service might charge you depending on how much data you download.

Whereas if you’re downloading compressed PDFs, you’ll be able to download much more data without being charged due to their reduced file size. In short, just by compressing your files alone, your Yorkshire-based business can benefit from reduced running costs, allowing you to funnel any savings into business areas that need it most.

Increases Security Measures

According to information released by the UK government, it was estimated that over the last twelve months, there were over 2.39 million instances of cybercrime. With cybercriminal activity being a prevalent worry for UK businesses of all sizes, all Yorkshire-based companies must do whatever it takes to protect their staff, data, and physical premises.

Compressing all your electronic files can increase your business security measures since most compressed files have to be uncompressed before they can be accessed. As a result, it makes it much more challenging for your electronic files to fall into the wrong hands or be read by anyone who wasn’t the intended recipient.

In addition to compressing your files for security, you can add an extra layer of protection by encrypting them with a password, which ensures that only you and the recipient can see the information enclosed.

While some PDF passwords can be removed easily by cybercriminals, encrypting your files turns your data into a secret code that can only be unlocked with a unique password which would take hundreds of years to decipher with a regular computer.

It Makes Archiving/Backing-Up Files Easier

Another reason your Yorkshire-based business might compress your electronic files is to make archiving and backing them up easier. Backing up and archiving your electronic files are two of the most important tasks your business can do, as it ensures that they are easily transferred/stored and protects them in the event of a technological problem.

With modern PDF compressing tools, rendering PDF and PDA files is supported, making archiving them much more manageable. Plus, compressing them means you can store more of them on your PC’s hard drive or in third-party storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, which makes backing them up much more straightforward.


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