The Power of the Pen: How To Create a Professional Signature for Your Business

The Power of the Pen How To Create a Professional Signature for Your Business (1)

Before we dive into the main details revolving around signatures, would you be interested in learning about a few statistics regarding electronic signatures? LLCBuddy says that by 2026, the electronic signature market will be worth 14.1 billion dollars when seen from a global point of view. The story doesn’t end here because electronic signature collection is responsible for lessening administrative expenditure for the corporate landscape by 55-78% when compared with paper.

Furthermore, 81% of the entities that have adopted electronic signatures in their daily schedules have reported that they received a Return on Investment within 12 months of their planned budget cycle. At the same time, 25% earned it in three months or even sooner than that. The Electronic Signature and Records Association reveals that firms enjoy an 83% increase in approval performance and an 86% reduction in document expenditure, saving a hefty budget that is invested in other corporate functions. The data must have left you speechless, but yes, this is the performance of an electronic signature that swiftly sweeps the traditional manual signature.

But hang on; there are still many professionals who have newly stepped into the business world, and they are anxious to create a signature that depicts their personality. Since it is considered a representation of the business, people wonder whether it should be dragged or end in a wave. Respected representatives, there is no need to fear as this blog will teach you about the tools and how to craft a professional signature that creates a ripple effect about your brand.

Steps In Building a Strong Base For a Signature

Let’s look at the basic structure to understand how to make a signature, so you don’t come across any barriers when beginning to put your impression.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Read

The first thing on the checklist is that your signature should be easy to read. It must look the same every time you write it. Why? Because it can easily come under the label of being fake, that will further become a hassle for you to resolve. Try to make it look serious, and should be done in seconds. The clearer your signature the brighter the chances of the credential being genuine, particularly on important contracts that you cannot afford to risk.

Flow Of Consistency

Consistency is more important than perfection. Where there is a constant flow of consistency there will be no dip in success. You will want people to easily recognize your signature every time it appears in front of them. Keep your signature professional as that leaves a long-lasting impression as anything too fancy or overly decorated might seem to be a major turn-off.

Design A Simple Yet Professional Signature

Oh yes! While practicing the perfect signature, design a simple yet professional signature. Why? As you will be asked to seal innumerable contracts and close deals, therefore you will be required to come up with a fast and efficient representation.

Steps In Creating a Professional Email Signature

When receiving emails from other professionals, you must have observed an email template at the very end of the email. What is that? Well, that is an email signature! According to Hubspot, 89.9% of individuals make the most out of a single email signature. Besides that more and more people are putting email signatures into practice because it helps in 18.8% of lead generation, 15.86% of social media promotion, and 10.2% generation of an email newsletter list.

Looking at the benefits, we are sure you must be eager to learn how to make one for yourself as well; therefore, scroll down to read the art:

Full Name

The first thing is to include your full name in your signature. Place it at the top so people don’t miss watching it. You have the liberty to experiment with the settings by making them bold or more prominent to make sure they hook visual attention for more than a few seconds. You can also add your pronouns next to your name. That’s entirely your call.

The Power of the Pen How To Create a Professional Signature for Your Business (2)

Enter The Title Of The Job And Company Name

Adding your business info to your email escalates credibility. When people read your email for the first time, they even see your brand name which gives them a go-ahead to pay attention or ignore. Therefore, it’s a good way to provide the target audience with your company’s title and your designation. Add links to your website in the signature, as people will become more curious to learn more about your corporation by clicking on it. You wouldn’t mind getting new visitors through this strategy. Would you?

Contact Information

People often blunder by not adding contact details in their email signature and wonder why there isn’t any client approaching them. Refrain from repeating the same mistake and share your phone or fax number in your email signature. Often companies have multiple email addresses so again it’s your choice to use the main one unless you want to give them another ID to reach you for necessary partnerships.

Don’t Skip Social Media Icons

In the digital era, most companies have realized that social media is a great way to remain connected with their followers and customers. Since your clientele spends maximum time on their mobile phones and keeps switching to multiple social media applications, it proves to be an extremely cost-effective way. So, add social media icons and links to your active social media profiles at the end of your emails and see the rise in interactions.

The approach is helpful for people who work in marketing, sales, or other customer-focused roles because it helps them strengthen relationships with their customers and potential customers. So, if your company is present on the corporate giant LinkedIn, don’t hesitate to share your work, as that will stand out as evidence of your workplace environment and the team you have hired. Make sure to include it in your email signatures, as social media icons help your business reach the desired position you wished for.

Photo And Company Logo

You can give your email signature the personal touch that can draw more people towards your business. Add a profile photo for your reader to recognize and remember your brand. Select a picture that aligns with your industry. For example, if you represent a law firm, you will post a traditional professional photo in black and white, but if you belong to a startup world, you have a free hand to show your creative skills.

Include your company logo to lift your professional email signature and promote online branding experiences. Guess what? Sharing your brand assets with your email subscribers can widen your organizational visibility, especially if your business runs on email.

Call To Action

Add some calls to action (CTAs) in your signature. Depending on the nature of your business, you can do this by sharing your latest content or giving folks a link to your calendar so they can contact you to book a meeting.


This blog has discussed in detail how to design an email signature and what things to consider. Creating an email signature is not a very rocket science project, as you have to garnish all the interactive elements to grab your customers. More than half of your goals are achieved by doing this.


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