Making A Mark: How Can Your Tattoo Business Win More Clients

Making A Mark How Can Your Tattoo Business Win More Clients (1)

The UK’s tattoo industry is now worth a reported £663m, and there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive in this sector. As a tattoo artist and business owner, winning more clients should be an ongoing priority.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take our venture to the next level doesn’t matter. The following steps will help you achieve the desired goals.

Provide the best service

First and foremost, your tattoo studio can only be successful if it delivers the best work. With this in mind, you should actively look to develop your artistry at every given opportunity. The more hours you put in, the more skilled you will become.

However, it’s equally important to choose the right materials. From tattoo machines to tattoo ink colours, you must focus on quality. In turn, customers will be far happier with the results, which will see them tell others about their tattoos. Moreover, it increases the likelihood of them returning as a loyal client.

By producing great tattoos, you’ll soon gain a solid reputation. Of course, the images transform your marketing efforts too.

Encourage customers to promote your business

As already mentioned, happy customers will happily tell others about your brand. However, there are ways for you to actively encourage this. When you do, your clients will become one of your greatest marketing assets.

Introducing affiliate marketing and referral marketing programmes will work wonders for the studio. Even when promoting the brand doesn’t lead to a direct conversion, it keeps your business fresh in their minds. Once again, speaking positively about the studio may encourage affiliates to book a tattoo themselves.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and people must be ready to actively trust the business. A vote of confidence from outside parties will make the difference.

Making A Mark How Can Your Tattoo Business Win More Clients (2)

Stand out online

As a tattoo artist, the majority of your clients will come from the local area. Nevertheless, many will continue to discover your business via online interactions. Therefore, targeted online marketing will be essential for your ongoing success.

Most people who consider getting a tattoo will look online for nearby companies. So, a strong SEO strategy supported by lots of positive reviews should serve you well. However, you should also make the most of visual elements on social media and your website. Seeing attractive tattoo designs will boost the appeal.

Short videos that show an insight into the studio and your work can have a big impact too. People want to feel a sense of familiarity before booking their tattoo.

Become an authoritative voice

Trust will translate to more clients. While showcasing your talents and work is a key part of building it, there are other ways too. Establishing yourself as a leading authoritative voice in the industry is hugely important.

To do this, content marketing is your friend. A podcast or blog gives you a chance to comment on developments within the industry. Whether it’s reviewing tattoos, new tools, or events is up to you. Either way, it’s a chance to inject some mentions of your business and its services too.

It is a gentle approach to marketing your services but keeps your studio fresh in the minds of users. When they subsequently want a tattoo, they’ll likely choose you.


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