Looking After Your Skin in the Winter

Looking After Your Skin in the Winter main

Winter can be a great season for many, bringing with it the opportunity to spend time with family and friends and enjoy festivities. It has a certain spirit about it that’s uplifting, with holiday decorations lighting up the street, and it can be a great time to do some shopping with many stores having sales, not to mention the promise of getting gifts. However, for others it can be a dreaded season because of the effect it can have on your skin. The cold weather and being stuck inside with dry indoor heating causing dry air to draw moisture away from your skin, leaving it prone for a breakout. Added to that is a type of oil that the small glands of your skin produce called sebum, which is responsible for keeping your skin moist. Unfortunately, during winter your skin produces more sebum than necessary because of the dry conditions, which leads to your pores becoming clogged, causing a breakout. This is why having the same routine all year round is not a good idea, because your skin has different needs in winter. But fear not, there are some simple methods to help alleviate the burden your skin faces during this festive time of year.

Moisturize often

Since the cold weather and being inside with dry indoor heating causes dry air to draw moisture away from your skin, it is of utmost importance to moisturize whenever possible. You may be thinking that you already moisturize enough, but if your skin even threatens to look dry, moisturize more. When looking for a product to use for moisturizing, you should keep an eye out for any product that uses glycerin. Glycerin is often used to treat oily skin conditions like acne which cold weather causes, as well as being used to hydrate the skin and keep it nourished, which will ultimately prevent the acne from rearing its head. A product like this moisturizer from Misumi should do the trick, as not only does it moisturize your skin but acts as a sunscreen too, which is just as important during winter. Using the correct cleanser with the moisturizer you choose can help to yield great benefits. Remember to not skip that step on your skincare routine at the start or end of every day. Using a cleanser that contains vitamin E oil or jojoba oil can wonders if you are already suffering with dry skin, since they are non-comedogenic, which simply means they won’t block the pores on your skin.

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Stay hydrated

It’s easy to assume that dehydration only occurs during sweltering heat and in humid climates, but dehydration occurs in winter just the same. It seems as if it is easier to get dehydrated during winter as you depend on physical cues such as being thirsty to tell whether or not you need to drink water. This is unfortunately not the best way to tell as being thirsty doesn’t always equate to being dehydrated. This can also be due to not sweating as much and assuming that moisture is not being lost. Dehydration is especially not good for the skin, as it can lead to skin problems and disorders like psoriasis, eczema and dry skin, since it reduces your body’s ability to remove toxins through the skin. In addition to drinking water, you may want to also eat fruits and vegetables as they also help to keep you hydrated. If you’re extremely dehydrated, getting an IV treatment can replenish fluids quickly and help you feel better fast. To avoid an infusion reaction, make sure to get your IV with a licensed medical provider. Even though there is no evidence to suggest drinking extra water improves the quality of your skin, it is important to stay hydrated.

Cool down your shower

While the idea of showering in cold water during winter may seem like a horrifying prospect, there could be certain benefits to the skin. Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils, which is the exact reason why we use conditioner after we have washed our hair. You could try showering or bathing in lukewarm water, or if you must, try to limit your time in the shower and keep your bathing routine to 10-15 minutes. Soaps or shower gels that contain moisturizing agents can also help to reduce the burden of hot water on your skin during winter, and avoid entering a room with dry indoor heating as soon as you have showered.


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