Common Signs Of Attraction

Common Signs Of Attraction main

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Navigating the dating world can be exhausting, confusing, and challenging. One of the struggles singles have is figuring out if someone is attracted to them or just feigning interest. For example, many dates may alter their tone or the conversation to appear interested but may actually lose interest in their partner early on.

However, there are a few clues and body language behaviors to look for that give away genuine attraction. Read on to learn about the most common signs that someone is attracted to you.

Mirroring Behavior

One of the most classic signs of attraction is body mirroring. When people are interested in others, they can’t help but mirror their actions. That’s because they either want to be like the person or impress them, so they will act similarly to grab their attention.

Subtle Touch

If someone is attracted to you, they will find any reasons to touch you. And no, this isn’t in a non consensual or creepy manner. Instead, a good potential partner will find ways to touch you in ways that are subtle, consensual, and help develop intimacy between you two. For example, they may touch your leg when laughing at one of your jokes or gently place their hand on your back when walking alongside you.

Constant Grooming

When someone is attracted to you, they will strive to look their best. Therefore, you may catch them constantly grooming themselves throughout the date. They may look in the mirror or other reflective surfaces often to make sure they still look good or to make any necessary adjustments. Furthermore, during the date, they may duck into the bathroom to reapply makeup or fix any smudges or uncovered spots. Also, you may catch them playing with their hair or touching it often throughout your conversation as a subtle way to stay groomed throughout the date.

Lots Of Smiling

When you are with people you like, you tend to be much happier and smile a lot. So it’s natural that a partner that is interested in you will keep smiling throughout the conversation. They won’t be able to contain their happiness if they truly like you and enjoy your company.

Common Signs Of Attraction

Stay Close To You

When someone likes you, they will do anything to be near you. Therefore, they may come up with reasons to get closer, such as by offering you their jacket, giving you a hug, or leaning in to listen to you more intently.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is a critical form of body language for connection. Therefore, if someone likes you, they will maintain eye contact throughout the conversation and only break away occasionally. Furthermore, they may reduce their blinking, or their pupils may dilate. These are subconscious ways that someone is showing they are highly interested as they will do anything to take in more of your appearance.

Flushed Face

We all know that people get a bit flustered and flushed when with someone they are attracted to. This is probably the most classic and universal sign that someone is interested in you. Our faces flush when we are excited or have a rush of adrenaline. When we are near our crush, we typically experience a burst of adrenaline, which dilates the veins in our cheeks and results in flushing.

Final Thoughts

Attraction is an important factor when finding potential partners. However, it isn’t always easy to decipher if someone is attracted just based on how they are conversing with you. But by looking for the body language clues listed in this article, you will have a much easier time discerning whether someone is interested or not. For more information on topics related to attraction, you can find some great resources at the link below:


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