Things We Lost in the Fire by Low – Album Review


by Matt Callard

Although slowcore is a hideous tag, Low’s fifth album still pretty much defines the micro-genre. But it’s a crass definition for the band’s layered, unravelling, molten beauty.

things we lost in the fire low album reviewMinimal, mesmeric and, yes, glacially paced, Things We Lost in the Fire stretches Low’s sonic horizons with a string section, tape loops and brass. Guitars flicker and snares tick around Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker’s angelic, disembodied vocals.

“Pretty much definitive”

They opened out a little after this album, became more rock-like, less insular. Lost a bit of their individuality in the process.

But fifteen years on, Things We Lost in the Fire remains pretty much definitive of Low’s unique, slow-burning, artistic force.


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