Best Bike Types for Beginner Riders

Best Bike Types for Beginner Riders main

Have you been longing to get back on a bicycle after years of being off? Or maybe you never learned how to ride as a kid and you want to finally master the sport? No matter what your reason may be, learning to ride a bike can be intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, cycling around town is likely to become one of your favourite pastimes.

To maximize your chance of success, it’s better to find a women’s cruiser bike for sale rather than a competitive road bike when you’re just starting out. Keep in mind that not all bikes are the same, and some are much easier to learn on than others. Here are some of the best bike types for beginner riders.

City Bikes

City bikes go by a lot of names, including utility bicycles, cruiser bikes and urban bicycles. Their name gives you a clue into their rideability. Many people like to use these bikes as commuter bikes because they are very comfortable and perfect to ride around town. They keep you seated upright, which means you don’t have to worry about the back strain that’s more common when riding a road bike.

City bikes for beginners make it easy to maintain your balance and learn how to ride with confidence. While they aren’t recommended for trail riding, they’ll keep you perfectly comfortable during short commutes on paved roads. It’s easy to maintain a moderate pace while riding a city bike, which means you shouldn’t have a problem getting to work on time. This type of bike is made for relatively flat terrains and will be difficult to ride if your commute includes a lot of hills.

Best Bike Types for Beginner Riders cycling

Hybrid Bikes

Many people love hybrid bikes because they combine the comfortable, upright position of a city bike with a hint of the speed a road bike offers. The form of a hybrid bike is somewhere between a road bike and mountain bike, which is why some people prefer it over other types of bikes. You may want to look for hybrid bikes for sale if you enjoy comfort, but you also want some versatility when it comes to the paths you choose to take.

While city bikes are made exclusively for paved roads, hybrid bikes give you a little more freedom to choose dirt trails if you want. Though they can’t handle very rough off-road trails, they can help you navigate through subtle differences in terrain with ease.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are a lot like city bikes in their positioning. They help keep you upright so you maintain the most comfortable posture throughout your ride. Cruiser bikes have very wide tires, which help you maintain your balance and ensure your comfort while riding. They’re the perfect type of bike for a beginner.

Now that you know a little more about some of the best bikes for beginners, it’s time to decide which option is perfect for you. Whether you decide to look for a women’s cruiser bike for sale, a hybrid or a cruiser, make sure you get a professional fit to ensure the most comfortable ride.


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