Thinking Outside the Box for your 2023 Holiday

Thinking Outside the Box for your 2023 Holiday cycling

If you’re planning a holiday for 2023 already, you might be finding it difficult to find the right inspiration. It’s always worth bearing in mind that there are other options besides the classic beach holiday, and that you might have a more memorable experience if you step outside your comfort zone – even if it is just a little bit.

So, what are the options? Let’s consider a few of them.

Cycling Holiday

Cycling has a number of great advantages. First, it’ll allow you to cover a lot of ground without creating any emissions. Second, it’s a form of exercise that’ll keep you in great shape.

Third, it’s inherently fun, whether you’re looking for a high-octane mountain experience or a more relaxing street-cycle holiday.

Perhaps the greatest virtue of a cycling holiday, however, is that you’ll be able to access parts of the world that would otherwise be inaccessible. Trails through dense forests, mountain passes and along beautiful beaches make for an unforgettable break. Cycling holidays in Europe offer all this, and more!

Thinking Outside the Box for your 2023 Holiday

Walking Holiday

If you’d prefer to explore the world at a slower pace, the appeal of a hiking holiday is difficult to understate. There are trails to cater to walkers of every level of experience. You’ll be able to do everything that you could do on the back of a bike, except that the learning curve is much more forgiving, and you’ll be able to attain peaks much more easily. Just make sure that you pack a high-quality pair of boots, and that you have clothes there for every possible set of weather conditions.

Snow Sports

If you’re planning a winter holiday, then skiing might already be on the agenda. But there are other winter sports to consider, like snowboarding. If you’re a complete beginner, then you might try your luck at an indoor slope in the UK – but the fact is that your time on a real ski slope will be much more cost-effective. After one lesson, you’ll be able to go up and down the shortest blue or green slope at your resort of choice, and pick up the necessary chops pretty quickly.

Fly and Drive

A ‘Fly and Drive’ holiday brings together your flight and car-hire costs into a single package. They’re very popular in the States, where just about every location requires a car. You’ll also get the reassurance that comes with customer support, and a discount on the price you’d have paid for separate flights and car hire. If you’re planning on visiting a distant location, and you plan on doing a tour on the road, then this kind of holiday is sure to appeal.


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