Six of the Best Things To do in Prague

Six of the Best Things To do in Prague

Prague is one of Europe’s jewels. The Czech Republic capital and former capital of Bohemia is no longer an untouched and cheap destination for historical holidaymaker enthusiasts, but is now a true European tourist hub, where ancient cathedrals and architecture rub shoulders with the modern trappings of family excursions, stag dos and cruise ships.

Here is a city with everything a holidaymaker could desire, from fascinating curios, immaculate cuisine and heavyweight tourist attractions. Here are 10 of the best things to do when in Prague…

St Vitus Cathedral

600 years in the making, St Vitus Cathedral (top image) is one of the world’s most elaborate and awe inspiring feats of religious architecture. With a foundation stone placed in the 14th Century and the final doorway completed in the 1950s, here is a building that truly spans the ages, with most of the architectural stylings of the ages included. Wall paintings, art nouveau stained glass, silver tombs and immaculate side chapels abound in a building you can truly get lost in – both literally and metaphorically.  It is a simply a Prague must-see.

Strahov Library

Take a tour through the awe inspiring baroque halls of the Strahov Library and gaze in wonder as walnut shelving rises two storeys high, filled with monastic literary treasures, towards a breathtaking ceiling fresco. Entry is limited due to humidity damaging the artworks, but there are numerous side interests, including a Cabinet of Curiosities that includes among many other items, the shrivelled remains of ‘sea monsters’ (sealife once passed off as denizens of the deep by sailors).

Prague Shooting Range

A fine example of a truly modern tourist experience, this 500m gun range in Prague offers a chance for visitors to escape the hubub of the city. English-speaking experts will guide you through the basics of using the legendary AK-47 military rifle, the Dragunov sniper rifle, US Police shotgun, iconic Smith & Wesson revolver or many other classic firearms. For families or stag parties it’s a brilliant diversion away from the classical to the truly modern.

Six of the Best Things To do in Prague bridge

Charles Bridge

Next to St Vitus Cathedral, the Charles Bridge is Prague’s most famous landmark – and it’s still free to walk across. This atmospheric creation was built in 1390 and is lined with statues. It can get busy – but see it early dawn in its sparse glory and you’ll understand why artists and photographers continue to be inspired by its visual splendour.

Jewish Museum

A cluster of synagogues makes up the largest collection of historical Jewish artefacts in the world. Dating back to the 13th century each synagogue boasts its own architectural style and collection of unique items. For those interested in mythical tales, the legendary story of the Golem comes to an end in the beautiful Old-New Synagogue. The Pinkas Synagogue pays homage to Czechs murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

Franz Kafka Museum

Prgaue’s most well-know literary son now has his own museum. Inside Kafka lovers will find a treasure trove of artefacts from the writer’s life and an intimate telling of his relationship with the city of Prague, and how the city shaped him as a person and a writer. It’s a chance to see first editions of his books, letters, diaries, manuscripts and drawings – as well as a 3D installation which aims to bring the writer ‘to life’.


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