Tips for Creating Greetings Cards That Really Stand Out

Tips for Creating Greetings Cards That Really Stand Out (1)

Greetings cards are a thoughtful way to make someone feel special on their birthday, anniversary, or during the holidays. But with so many mass-produced cards out there, how can you make sure yours stands out? Read on for some tips to create one-of-a-kind, eye-catching greetings cards that the recipient will truly cherish.

Use High Quality Materials

Don’t just grab any old piece of cardstock—invest in good quality, heavy-weight paper or cardstock with a pleasing texture. Skip the thin, flimsy cards, which can seem cheap or rushed. Whether you choose a smooth, silky finish or something with a subtle linen texture, quality cardstock automatically elevates your card. Match the cardstock colour to your overall design for a polished, intentional look.

Incorporate Unique Touches

Look beyond basic paper and get creative with your materials. Scan old family photos and feature a nostalgic black-and-white image on the card. Press real flowers between cardstock before sending. Cut the cardstock into unique shapes other than the standard rectangle. Alternatively, you can use decorative punchers to cut interesting silhouettes and patterns out of colourful paper to layer onto your card base. Things like strings of twinkle lights, sheer ribbons, colourful threads, or real seashells can make lovely embellishments. The possibilities are endless, so brainstorm what types of special touches would appeal to the personality of your card’s recipient.

Showcase Custom Artwork

One of the best ways to make your card truly distinctive is to incorporate your own custom artwork. Even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist,” that shouldn’t stop you! Your unique drawing or doodling style, no matter how simple, is sure to melt the recipient’s heart. Sketch something related to their interests, or just use simple shapes and patterns to doodle an eye-catching abstract design. Another artistic option is to create your own graffiti-inspired background…

Tips for Creating Greetings Cards That Really Stand Out (2)

Create Graffiti Art Backgrounds

Adding an urban graffiti-style motif to your card backgrounds or embellishments is a cool way to stand out! You can either use online software to design your own graffiti art background, or sketch your idea lightly in pencil so you can refine the shapes and wording easily. When you are satisfied, go over the sketch in black permanent marker and then fill in the colours using markers, paint pens, or brush pens. Leave sections white and negative space for interest. Bold colours like vibrant reds, blues, oranges and purples make exciting graffiti backgrounds. Or, you can opt for a dark yet more subtle black background and use metallic pens to create eye-catching embellishments. The artistic possibilities are endless, so channel your inner graffiti muse! Your custom street art makes for a modern, fashionable card when paired with fun fonts.

Incorporate Modern Calligraphy & Hand-Lettering

While we are on the subject of text, skip the predictable typed sentiments and dazzle your recipient with your own fancy hand-lettering instead! You don’t need special skills or training to start hand lettering; the whimsical, imperfect style is all about having fun and expressing your unique flair. Using brush pens (or even just basic marker) along with practice worksheets as guides, work on drawing letters in creative styles. Add loopy flourishes, beautiful curls and bouncy lines for a playful modern calligraphy style of your own invention. Your recipient will appreciate the time and care that went into your charming lettering.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Looking to take your card to the next level? Consider incorporating interactive or dimensional elements that the recipient can pull, spin, unfold or otherwise manipulate. Attach a tag with ribbon that pulls to reveal a hidden message underneath. Affix a spinning wheel that lands on a thoughtful note. Create mini fold-out sections to expand the card. Use strips of patterned paper layered in zig-zags that can move back and forth. Pop dots can be stuck on to create a Braille message. Or insert envelopes and tiny boxes filled with treats or confetti surprises. Getting creative with elements that move, unfold and reveal makes your card multi-dimensional—and ensures the recipient has an engaging experience with plenty of magical moments to discover.

Creating a one-of-a-kind, memorable greetings card is all about infusing it with personal, artistic touches and superior quality materials. Things like custom illustrations, graffiti motifs, botanical elements, calligraphy and more help your card really stand out while showing the recipient how much you care. With some creativity and effort, you can design cards that will truly capture attention and be cherished for years to come.


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