Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Thermoplastic Playground Markings

All types of play, especially playgrounds where adventurous young brains and bodies may entirely run amok safely, increase a child’s potential for enjoyment, growth, and learning. Children can benefit immensely from bright, colourful thermoplastic markings in well-designed playgrounds – the most current approach to beautifying a playground or public play place for children.

You should consider this revolutionary solution if you are thinking of adding some colourful game patterns, charming animal artwork, or court markings utilizing thermoplastic. It is being paid for and placed in a location where children will come into contact with it, so do your research and discover why this trusted marks product is acceptable and a better alternative than paint. Let’s look more closely.

What is the purpose of playground markings?

The primary goal of playground markings is to promote outdoor play and learning while also encouraging children to be active. They are commonly used in primary schools, infant schools, and nurseries, but you may also find them on a community playground. They are ideal for adding a pop of colour to your play area.

How are playground markers applied?

Playground markings are applied by heating them with a propane lance and bonding them to the surface.

What are the advantages of using thermoplastic playground markings?

Thermoplastic playground markings have several advantages over playground paint and can last up to ten times longer! They are long-lasting, anti-slip, and UV resistant, so the colours will stay vibrant. Thermoplastic is also a non-toxic, eco-friendly substance that contains no lead or chromates.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings swing

What are the benefits of thermoplastic playground markings?

Playground markers made of thermoplastic are an excellent addition to any school or nursery. Their eye-catching colours make designs appealing to children. Bespoke school thermoplastic markings for your school playground activities may be created to match your available space. Furthermore, they eliminate the need for any set-up time for playground activities. The playground markings will remain there for future generations to come, lasting up to ten years – no more painting over them every year!

What Is Thermoplastic?

Thermoplastic for playgrounds is a sheet of plastic polymer that is cut into shapes and designs such as numbers, characters, and court markings. It was first used in America in the 1950s. These designs may be pre-made or produced to customized design criteria, allowing you to have a unique picture form or colour scheme for your organization.

The thermoplastic markings’ plastic polymer is a form of plastic that becomes moldable when heated. It is then placed onto your playground, where it may dry in as little as 30 minutes. Once cured, the marks adhere to the tarmac’s surface and are projected to endure for more than a decade with minimal fading. Thermoplastic markings are non-toxic, reflective, and anti-slip.

Thermoplastic costs

Up front, playground painting is less expensive initially than thermoplastic markers. However, the marks will fade considerably faster, requiring them to be repainted more frequently.

Instead, thermoplastic marks are a superior investment since they will not fade over time. High-quality thermoplastic marks, on the other hand, can last a decade or more. As a result, most firms selling thermoplastic markings will issue a five-year warranty since they understand how sturdy and long-lasting this marking approach is.


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