Mill Field Primary Academy Children Hide Time Capsules Within Leeds School Walls

Mill Field Primary Academy Time Capsule

Mill Field Primary Academy has encouraged its children to think positively about the future by placing shoebox time capsules within its own school walls.

On 12th February, the Leeds school placed a series of themed time capsules within one of its walls. The wall will contain a time capsule from each year group, from nursery to Year 6. Each one containing photos, mementos, and letters written by the children to their future selves.

Mill Field Primary Academy Time Capsule

“Keep thinking about the future”

Katie Addyman leads the school’s early years and foundation phase. She said: “It’s more important than ever to encourage our children to keep positive and keep thinking about the future. Once we can all safely return to the school, our children will be able to feel – just from looking at the walls – that they have the power to make an impact.”

“It is a creative activity which brings the whole school together. We love doing activities like this as it gets our children to learn and develop in innovative ways.”

The opportunity came about due to current renovation works at the school. Builders on the project asked if the children would like to leave time capsules before the walls were filled in.

Mill Field Primary Academy Time Capsule

“It is important to encourage our children”

Kate Rhodes, the school principal said: “We love how the idea came about and how spontaneously it has developed. It is a real testament to the community we have where everyone, even building contractors, want to do the best for our children. This will give our children something to hope for. And will encourage them to start developing ideas about who they want to be and what impact they want to make on their school and community.

“I joined the school recently and my experience so far has been that our children have many hopes and ideas about the future. Especially since the school joined the White Rose Academies Trust. So, it is important to encourage our children to take an active part in the future of the school.”

On 1st December 2020, Mill Field Primary Academy joined the White Rose Academies Trust. A Trust that has a reputation for successful school improvement. Since the school joined the Trust, a series of World-Class transformational programmes have been implemented. And capital investment to improve the school facilities has also been secured.


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