All Academies at the White Rose Academies Trust Achieve High Performing School Award Scheme Accreditation

All Academies at the White Rose Academies Trust Achieve High Performing School Award Scheme Accreditation

The White Rose Academies Trust is thrilled to announce that all four of its schools (Leeds City Academy, Leeds East Academy, Leeds West Academy and Alder Tree Primary Academy) have achieved the prestigious High Performing School Award Scheme (HPSA) accreditation after two years of dedicated work. They are the only schools in Leeds to achieve this award.

This significant milestone marks the first step towards becoming world-class schools. The HPSA recognition validates the successful implementation of the High Performance Learning (HPL) philosophy and framework, leading to transformative changes in the culture of the academies and their outcomes.

The HPSA accreditation affirms that the White Rose Academies Trust schools believe that high performance is possible for all students, regardless of background or starting point. The HPL philosophy empowers both teachers and students alike in developing a toolkit of specific skills and behaviours associated with high performance. This accreditation and the ongoing partnership with HPL will support the trust’s aims to offer an education that is truly world-class whilst fostering collaboration and learning amongst a HPL global network of students and teachers.

“Cohesive and informed educational environment”

All Academies at the White Rose Academies Trust Achieve High Performing School Award Scheme Accreditation deborah eyre

Professor Deborah Eyre, Founder – High Performance Learning

Professor Deborah Eyre, Founder – High Performance Learning commented: “Receiving this esteemed award is a reflection of White Rose Academies Trust’s commitment to ensuring every student can be a high performer, no matter their starting point. The decision to have all four schools in the trust undergo the High Performance Learning Award together demonstrates a powerful, collective belief in creating an environment that nurtures students’ holistic development while equipping them with the skills needed for future success. Being accredited as a High Performance Learning Award school is no small feat, and it is a true testament to the efforts put forth by the entire White Rose Academies Trust community.”

At the core of the High Performance Learning approach is the belief that every child has the potential to achieve at high levels. By utilising evidence from neuroscience and psychology, HPL challenges the notion that only a select few can excel academically. The research-backed framework has allowed the academies to develop the ways in which the schools teach, ensuring that all students in their charge can experience success and build self-belief. This in turn will empower students to take ownership of their education and cultivate lifelong learning skills.

Through the HPL journey, the White Rose Academies Trust has fostered a common language for learning among students, teachers, and parents. This language, based on a proven, research-based, pedagogy led approach, achieved through the life’s work of Professor Deborah Eyre, has revolutionised the way the schools discuss teaching and learning, creating a more cohesive and informed educational environment.

By weaving HPL into all aspects of academy life, aligning the ethos and framework to provide rigour, coherence, and consistency in the curriculum and teaching methods, HPL enables the development of higher-order thinking skills and success competencies among students. The positive impact extends beyond academic achievements, enhancing student confidence, aspirations, and overall satisfaction.

High Performance Learning Services Ltd, the organisation behind the HPL framework, has already influenced the lives of over 100,000 students and supported the professional development of 8,500 teachers in more than 75 schools across 18 countries.

The White Rose Academies Trust schools have customised the HPL framework to cater to the specific needs of their students and community. The two-year professional development project has led to the adoption of HPL principles, culminating in the academies reaching the required level to achieve the High Performing School Award. The project has fostered trust wide professional development collaboration, allowing teachers to explore and incorporate HPL methodologies into their practice while building professional confidence.

HPL embraces the concept that intelligence can be nurtured and believes in expecting high performance from all students. By aligning with the trust’s commitment to developing well-rounded individuals, HPL equips students with the skills and attitudes necessary for success in learning and life.

The White Rose Academies Trust remains dedicated to increasing the percentage of students attaining highly, regardless of their starting points. The trust will continue to provide the best possible professional development for teachers, prioritise student well-being, and foster an optimistic culture while also engaging parents in supporting their children’s growth at home.

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“Best versions of themselves”

The Principals of the academies within the White Rose Academies Trust commented on their HPL journey below:

“Achieving the High Performance Learning School Award is a culmination of over two years of work by students and staff at Leeds East Academy. This programme has reframed our thinking and provided our young people with a wide range of opportunities and learning experiences. To join a group of schools across the world with this accolade is fantastic for Leeds East Academy and our community. I am exceptionally proud of the journey the academy has been on and continues to be on to provide the best possible experiences for our young people, and most importantly, driving their aspirations and lifting the ceiling on what they believe is possible.” Danny Bullock, Principal, Leeds East Academy

“Over the past 2 years at Alder Tree our entire school community has worked relentlessly in ensuring rapid improvement for our children. This has been done through ensuring that every child believes in themselves and can achieve their full potential. High Performance Learning has enabled us to look at learning behaviours through the attitudes and attributes that children display to be the best versions of themselves. Whilst using the key performance characteristics to develop their academic outcomes. I am incredibly proud that we have achieved this award, it is a wonderful success of our journey so far.” Kate Burton, Principal, Alder Tree Primary Academy

“Securing the High Performance Learning School Award is a fantastic achievement and is so richly deserved following over two years of amazing work by the students and staff of Leeds City Academy. This programme has supported and enhanced our work to raise standards both within & beyond the classroom, as students develop into increasingly self-driven & aspirational young people. To join a group of schools across the world with this accolade is fantastic for Leeds City Academy and our community and reflects the vision, ambition & determination of our wonderful young people”. Richard Chattoe, Principal, Leeds City Academy.

“Achieving HPL accreditation is a proud day for Leeds West Academy, representing the combined efforts of colleagues and students over two years. The philosophy of HPL where all young people can learn without limits and look forward to ambitious futures sits at the heart of what we do every day, and this recognition is something that we will celebrate and continue to drive as we embark on our next phase of our relationship with HPL.” Dan Whieldon, Principal, Leeds West Academy.

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