What the Internet Will Be Like in 30 Years: Predictions

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We saw dramatic changes on the internet in a matter of 20 years. Today, you look for jobs on the internet, users do their shopping, play games on sites like https://vulkanvegas.com/pl and place sports bets on the web.

What is next, then? Let us look at the potential changes that can happen in the future. What are we going to use the internet for, and what new devices are waiting for us?

These major changes are:

● The Internet of Everything;
● Better health;
● More leisure time;
● More social options.

Read on as we explain how these things will develop in the future.

1. The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything, or IoT, is a situation where almost all your devices are connected. For example, your TV is connected to the internet; your fridge is connected to the internet — everything is connected to the internet.

In 30 to 50 years, experts agree that most homes will have IoT technology. People can control their TVs, lights, refrigerators, toasters, and other devices from their phones, even if they are away.

The internet will become as necessary as oxygen. Everyone will have access to online, and it will become almost impossible to live a life off the grid or offline.

2. Better Health

Access to physicians is challenging. You have to go to the hospital and wait for your turn. As early as now, there are physicians who offer medical consultations online. In the future, this will become the norm.

With the population growing, there will be methods and technologies that will allow people to get a diagnosis early, even if they do not go to a doctor.

One such promising thing was Theranos, a massive scam where the CEO went to jail. The premise of technology was that people could take a sample of their blood and then send it to a facility where a machine could analyze potential diseases.

The company, Theranos, failed because the technology did not exist. However, the founder committed fraud, and this is what made the situation such a debacle.

Just because Theranos failed does not mean the technology cannot be developed. Thirty years from now, it may be possible for us to send tissue samples to a company and then see the result of our diagnosis online.

If experts succeed in doing this, you can bet that many humans will live longer — and healthier life, too. If people can catch diseases early on, they can easily work on them and fix their habits or take medication to cure themselves.

What the Internet Will Be Like in 30 Years

3. More Leisure Time

We are now seeing aggressive development in Artificial intelligence. From Google to YouTube to Facebook — all these giants use AI to serve people.

Some think that this is bad because it causes people to lose their jobs. On the contrary, AI is nothing more than a machine that takes away repetitive tasks. They can also take on dangerous tasks.

In the future, there will be more AI in place. The system will use Artificial intelligence as a prerequisite program. They will use it to make sure that the jobs they need to get done are done right.

Although people will lose their jobs, AI will only force people to learn something new. As such, the menial and repetitive tasks will go away, and people can now have more time to spend with their families.

4. More Social Options

The information age is over. We are now in the social age. Almost everything we do has something to do with socialization. We want to be connected.

The future is bright as far as socialization is concerned. Today, there are companies competing to build the first true virtual reality world. Although some virtual worlds exist now, they are far from being perfect.

Here are the things you can do in a virtual world:

● Create an avatar;
● Explore the world;
● Do business in there;
● Sell something;
● Meet people.

The best part is that some companies are building devices to give us a better experience. For now, virtual reality headsets, or VR headsets, allow a person to experience virtual worlds. Today, these devices work primarily on games.

In the future, we are optimistic that VR devices can also take us to a real virtual reality environment. Taking it even further, the environment can be a teal physically, yet we can travel through on a computer. Such a world would be a good way to visit real places, not physically, but online.

The internet is now part of our lives, and there is no denying it. Some people may not like it, but the internet is the only way to go — lawmakers must create new laws to safeguard our privacy and ensure that people do not become gullible victims of scammers.


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