The Complete Guide to Round-Cut Diamonds

Complete Guide to Round-Cut Diamonds main

You know the saying: diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

If you’ve stumbled upon this guide, you probably don’t need convincing that diamonds are a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection.

Whether you’re purely curious about diamonds or looking to join the 24.3 million married couples by proposing to your significant other, this guide will delve into the history of round-cut diamonds.

What’s so important about the cut of a diamond?

Firstly, you might be wondering why the cut of a diamond is so significant. And the answer is simple: a diamond that’s poorly cut could be rendered virtually worthless.

The cut describes the degree of symmetry in the diamond and focuses on its reflecting properties. Without the right cut, the sparkle and effervescence of your diamond are greatly reduced.
Who developed the round stone cut?

The round stone cut diamonds you see today were originally developed by Marcel Tolowsky. Although this method has been developed over time, Tolowsky’s diamond model is the foundation for all diamonds today.

The round stone cut, when done properly, has been meticulously adjusted so that every angle reflects the light. This results in a magnificent, sparkling display from even the slightest movement.

This makes round stone cut diamonds popular for solitaire engagement rings as they ooze understated elegance and don’t require a flashy setting – they let the diamond do the talking.

Complete Guide to Round-Cut Diamonds

How much do round-cut diamonds cost?

Brilliant round-cut diamonds are often more expensive than other cuts. This is because circle diamonds need more of the original roughness to be removed. This additional process can be expensive – but in our opinion, worthwhile.

Like other diamonds, larger round-cut diamonds are more in-demand and cost more still.

As the average cost of an engagement ring is £1,865, if your budget won’t stretch to a large, round-cut diamond, you can always opt for a cushion-cut diamond. They’re still dazzling, but easier on the wallet!

What type of diamond has the most lustre?

If you’re somewhat of a magpie and love the shiny things in life, you might be keen to know which diamond has the most lustre.

The winner, of course, is the round-cut diamond!

As round diamonds are cut to have 58 facets, this gives an impeccable sparkle. However, if you can’t afford a round diamond, the next cuts down are princess cut, radiant cut, and cushion cut diamonds.

Final thoughts…

Buying diamonds can be a minefield. With each different cut varying in price, lustre, and size, finding the right one for your needs can be tricky.

But the good news is that if you’re looking for an all-rounder, you can’t go wrong with a round-cut diamond.


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