The History Of Jewellery In The Royal Family & In Royal Coronations

The History Of Jewellery In The Royal Family & In Royal Coronations main

Jewellery has always been a significant part of the fashion world, with royal families being no exception. From the regal crowns to the stunning tiaras, the British royal family has a rich collection of jewellery that reflects their heritage and traditions. The British royal family’s jewellery collection is a treasure trove of history and luxury, with each piece holding a story of its own.

Fit for royal Coronations: Coronation Regalia & the demand for Cartier

The official Coronation Regalia, housed in the Tower of London, is at the heart of the royal Crown Jewels and will feature in the Coronation of King Charles III in May this year. The objects in the Coronation Regalia are all sacred objects which symbolise the responsibilities and service of the Monarch. Following tradition, the King will be crowned this year with St Edward’s Crown which was originally made for King Charles II in 1661. The same crown was worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her Coronation in 1953.

The Sovereign Ring will also feature in the Coronation ceremony as a symbol of kingly dignity. Made from sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, the ring was made for King William IV’s Coronation in 1831 and has been used for all Sovereigns since in their own Coronations.

Away from Coronation Regalia, luxurious jewellery has also been featured throughout royal Coronation ceremonies and processions over the years. In 1902, at the Coronation of King Edward VII, the grand occasion led to a significant demand for tiaras which led to Cartier receiving orders for 27 tiaras alone. Cartier has continued to feature in royal Coronations since and a beautiful Cartier tiara was even worn by Princess Margaret at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Sentimental & personalised jewellery for the royal family

As the royal family have a vast collection of royal jewels and jewellery, pieces are used time and time again between family members and royal occasions. Some jewellery pieces are sentimental and have been altered and passed down to new wearers.

One such piece is the engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton, which was previously owned by Princess Diana. The ring has a sapphire surrounded by diamonds and was chosen by Prince William as a way of paying tribute to his late mother.

Although Kate Middleton’s tiara came into the spotlight at her wedding in 2011, the most famous wearer of the Halo Scroll tiara by Cartier before her was Princess Margaret. The Princess was an incredibly stylish royal family member who wore many glamorous pieces throughout her lifetime. The tiara originally belonged to the Queen Mother and was later passed down to Queen Elizabeth II who loaned it to her sister numerous times.

There are many engraving ideas to use for jewellery and nothing is quite as special as a personalised message from a man to his future wife. When it comes to personalised jewellery in the royal family, the late Prince Phillip actually engraved a piece of jewellery for his wife-to-be. According to Marie Claire, Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding ring was engraved with a personalised message from Prince Phillip. Before their wedding, her engagement ring was even designed by Prince Phillip himself who used diamonds from his mother’s own tiara.

The History Of Jewellery In The Royal Family & In Royal Coronations

Counting down to the Royal Coronation…

Whether you are tuning in at home to see the royal procession and Coronation jewels on your TV screen, heading down to London, or celebrating with your local community, there is much going on in the countdown to the Coronation.

● The King & Queen Consort visit Malton

With a month to go until the official Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, the King and Queen Consort recently had a visit to North Yorkshire. Arriving in Malton, Their Majesties visited Talbot Yard Food Court in early April where they were able to meet many local food and drink producers. During their visit to the area, Their Majesties were also able to meet a variety of local charities at York House.

● Celebrating the Coronation in Yorkshire

On Saturday 6 May, the Coronation will be celebrated across the county and is marked with a three-day bank holiday weekend. Over Saturday and Sunday, the Coronation Service will take place in Westminster Abbey, the Coronation Concert will take place, as well as ‘Big Lunch’ street parties held across the community. On Monday, the Big Help Out event is taking place to encourage people to volunteer locally. Find out more about Coronation events, like the Big Help Out Litter Pick, happening in Yorkshire here.


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