How to Make Birthday Greeting Cards for Sister

How to Make Birthday Greeting Cards for Sister main

Making sister birthday cards depends on the kind of relationship that exist between you. She could be your best friend, adviser, mentor or even mean the whole world to you. No matter the relationship and how often you appreciate her, making a sister birthday card special for her on her birthday is the surefire way to wish her birthday a happy one. Don’t worry about all it takes to make one, at Sister Birthday Cards – Boomf you have it at the tips of your fingers.


Making a sister birthday card is not always easy even when you are super close to your sister and probably already know the right words to say to her, her favourite colours and designs – sister birthday cards should be made in a unique and beautiful design to give her a special feeling of being loved and valued.

Before you get to the steps to make a birthday greeting card for a sister, here are some materials needed to have a perfect birthday greeting card:

● Scissors
● Paper
● Glue
● Marker/crayon, pencil, and coloured pencil
● Tape

How to Make Birthday Greeting Cards for Sister


1. Get a thin and thick cardboard or coloured paper fold in half to your desired size but make sure the thick cardboard size is bigger than the thin one. measure and cut to the size of your choice
2. Use your marker, crayon, pencil, or coloured pen to write your message on the front of the thick cardboard and give it a design of your choice it could be a flowery design, cake, balloon, candles or drawings of dolls or cartoon characters depends on her favourite theme.
3. Write down your wishes, special message, and other heartfelt expression for her to feel spectacular
4. Decorate the outer part with some paperwork or flowers and some glitters to give it a unique look.
5. Glue the thick and thin already made card together. At this point Your handmade card is ready to be presented to a sister on her birthday.

They say that handmade sister birthday cards provide something no other gift can – effort and emotions, with a heart full of love, as well as wishes and good luck. That is why it is loved more than a store-bought card. It is personal. Why not try out a handmade birthday greeting card for your sister’s birthday today.


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