Getting into Airsoft: What You Need to Know

Getting into Airsoft What You Need to Know main

Parents are always looking for ways to get their kids away from their devices and engaged in more outdoor activities. There are many outdoor games and activities to choose from, and one that is becoming popular is airsoft. It is a competitive team shooting sport played in a tactical setting. Players are divided into teams and fire at each other with small plastic pallets. In this article, we will look at everything you need to know to get started with the sport.

The Origins of Airsoft

The sport originated in the 70s in Japan and was meant to appease people who loved guns and shooting but had to abide by the gun control laws in the country. In the beginning, the game was known as “soft air”, a name chosen because it explained how airsoft guns work – more on that below.

Once it became popular in Japan, the game spread to the United States and other parts of the world where it became popular too. Today, the game has a massive community of enthusiasts and professionals, with the technology in airsoft rifles and guns used for sport matches, historical reenacting, target shooting, law enforcement and military training.

How Airsoft Guns Work

Airsoft rifles and guns look very similar to pallet guns and BB rifles but are very different. One of the differences is in the ammunition airsoft guns use, which is 6-millimetre resin or plastic BBs. The other guns use lead pellets and BBs.

Getting into Airsoft What You Need to Know
Because Airsoft BBs are less dense, they do not penetrate the skin, making them a lot safer. That said, you should never fire an airsoft gun at the eyes because the BBs will injure the other person. Also, these BBs leave welts which is why many airsoft venues say that you should not fire at someone within the surrender zone, which is typically set at 3–4 metres.

BB and airsoft guns have similar actions in that they use compressed gas or a piston to create air pressure that fires the projectile. Airsoft guns used weaker gas in the past, but you can now find models that use carbon dioxide. Also, you can buy different types of airsoft guns, including airsoft rifles, pistols, revolvers, grenade launchers and shotguns, at a reputable airsoft shop.

Playing Airsoft

The goal of airsoft is to eliminate players from the opposing team by shooting them with a BB. There are various variations of airsoft games including:

● Capture the Flag – Players have to enter the opposing team’s base, capture a flag or other objective and then return to their camp without all the players being eliminated.
● Deathmatch – A tactical game where players shoot each other with BBs, with the first team to have all its members eliminated losing.
● King of The Hill – A team has to capture and control a neutral area longer than the opposing team held it previously.
● Close-quarter Combat – This format resembles the one you see in video games. It is played in an indoor arena or house, and the objective is for the teams to try to eliminate all the members of the opposing team.

Airsoft is a fun game with a huge community of welcoming players. It is played by casuals, regulars and even professionals. It provides many benefits, including being a great exercise and an opportunity to spend quality time with the kids or family.


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