Best Card Games To Play While Traveling

Best Card Games To Play While Traveling main

Card games are centuries old and have been fun ever since then! It’s a popular activity that kills boredom and probably creates a happier travel experience.

Be it Poker or Rummy; there are many types of card games you can try. Most of them are convenient and easy to play with while traveling. This is especially needed when you’re travelling long distances by train. Here’s a list of the best card games to play while travelling.

1. Mobile Casino Games

Do you know the best part of mobile casino games? First, they prevent you from carrying cards. Second, they are accessible in your pocket. If your journey is never-ending, simply take your phone and play your favorite casino game. Besides, you can access multiple card games like poker, blackjack, etc., in one place.

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Best Card Games To Play While Traveling

2. Rummy

Rummy goes by its second name called Gin. While you can play the game with two players (at least), the more, the better. If you are playing with more than four players, add another deck of cards. Distribute ten cards to each player if you are playing a game of 2. For more players, distribute seven cards. Keep the remaining card at the centre.

Now, one by one, ask the players to pull a card from the remaining deck. Make sure to pass the card to the next person. You can pass the card from the deck or the cards that were distributed earlier.

This will continue until someone uses all the cards. The one who does is the winner! Ensure that the winner makes a poker hand after winning. While it’s fun to play, you may not get the perks of online gambling like casino bonuses, free spins, and more. Also, you get no money unless you bet so.

3. Crazy Eights

You can play Crazy Eights with at least two players. Start by shuffling the cards and distributing seven cards to each player.

Keep the remaining cards in the middle and ensure that the top card faces up. Start the game from the left side of the dealer. Each player has to see whether their card matches the face-up card. You can only play the card if it completely or partially matches the face-up card. If not, then draw a card from the remaining card deck. Note that, you can play the card “Eight” on all cards. You can also select a new suit with the same. The person that finishes all the cards wins the game.


So, you can play the above card games while traveling. Infact, nowadays, you can play cards that are gender-equal and diverse. That’s quite unbiased and interesting too! Next time you travel, you know which games to play.


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