5 Tips for Making Anti-Bird Netting Subtle in Devon

5 Tips for Making Anti-Bird Netting Subtle in Devon main

Are birds keeping you awake? Is there bird guano everywhere and you want to put a stop to this? A lot of property owners in Devon are troubled by birds, such as pigeons and gulls. This can be for a few months of the year, as well as all year round. Either way, it can be annoying and bring down the appearance of your building.

One solution is anti-bird netting. This is becoming popular in Devon because it is able to deter them from building nests. But, the one concern everyone has is that it will change the look of your property. This does not have to be the case. Here are five tips to make anti-bird netting less noticeable.

Hire Professionals

The internet is home to a lot of DIY solutions on how to get rid of birds. As a property owner, this might be something you believe will help you. But there are three problems with this approach. First, there are some questionable netting solutions and they might cause harm to the birds. Of course, most people do not want to harm them. Second, DIY solutions may not even work, so you can waste your time. Thirdly, a lot of DIY approaches look bad. They are designed to be simple and cheap, which means they can be very noticeable and stand out on your property.

So, what should you do? The best approach is to hire professionals to stall anti-bird netting. This way, you can ensure that the solution is subtle and designed for your building. For instance, Apex Bird Control offers affordable anti-bird netting services. An experienced team will create a bespoke design to solve your bird problems, which will help it blend in with your property.

Choose the Right Colour

When you have anti-bird netting installed by professionals, you are going to be able to make many choices. For example, one of them is going to be selecting the colour of the netting. This is going to be an important decision and one that can ensure this solution is subtle on your building.

Therefore, take your time and select a colour that matches your building. In particular, this should be the same colour as the area where the netting is being fitted. For instance, if you have a black roof, it is beneficial to make the netting black too. This means that when you glance at the building, the netting will not stand out and be noticeable. Nobody will know it is there.

5 Tips for Making Anti-Bird Netting Subtle in Devon

Have Removable Options

Did you know that some anti-bird netting is removable? This is something that can help you if you want to ensure the solution is subtle. For instance, you only have to have it fixed during the months you are troubled by birds. Then, at other times of the year, you can remove the netting to enjoy the style of your building.

This is something that you want to ask the bird control company about first. There will be some that offer a removable option, while others may not. Checking in advance means that you are not going to be disappointed.

Select the Right Netting Gauge

When it comes to anti-bird netting, there are going to be different gauges available. The idea behind this is that you can target specific species that are troubling you. Indeed, to ensure that the netting is going to blend in with your building, you want to select the right gauge. Some are going to look more obvious than others, depending on what your property looks like.

Therefore, seek advice on the right gauge for the particular bird species that is troubling you. If there is more than one, you can find out what will look the best on your building. Again, a professional is going to be able to help you with this and provide advice on what it looks like ahead of time.

Combine With Other Solutions

Perhaps there are certain areas of your building where the netting looks good and it is not very noticeable. But, there might be some surfaces where it would be too obvious and ruin the aesthetic of your building. If this is the case, know that you can combine netting with other anti-bird solutions. This way, you can still like how your property appears.

For example, there are solutions like mesh systems that can be installed. Again, you can choose the colour and enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the strength and robustness of the mesh. Then, there are spike systems. These can be installed on ledges and prevent birds from landing. Alongside netting, these can be very effective systems.


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