Simple Home Extensions Can Transform Your Home And Add Value To Your Property


Whether you’re growing your family or just feel like you need more space, it’s tempting to start looking for a new house immediately. However, this is not always the way forward. While a new and larger home can be exciting, it can also be a long, tedious, and stressful process, and who wants that? 

With an extension, however, you can save money and time, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of a larger house without packing your life away into boxes. Saving time isn’t the only benefit of simple home extensions, though, so here is some more information on why an extension can transform your home. 

The Benefits of Simple Home Extensions

  • It Adds Value to Your Home

Whether you’re adding an en-suite to the master bedroom or adding whole rooms to the back of the property, an extension will increase the value of your home like few other things you can do. 

Increasing the square footage of any home or including amenities that do not come as standard with most properties will be appealing to future buyers. An extension will make the home more functional, making it suitable for all types of people, whether families or retirees, to enjoy. 

  • It Gives You More Space

It’s no secret that investing in a home extension gives you more space, but its the amount of space you can take advantage of that makes these extensions so attractive.

Creating more space within the home is ideal for couples who are hoping to grow their family and design a house for their kids to grow up. A home extension also gives you options for creating a home gym, home office or even a nursery. You can also install a spare bedroom to ensure guests are comfortable should they need to stay over.  

  • You Can Make The House Your Own

It doesn’t matter if you move into a new building or a house that someone has already lived in, you still want to do what you can to make it your own. You can decorate and add your unique touches, but an extension will leave a lasting impression that this house was yours

The personalisation potential with a home extension means you can decide what to do. If you’ve always wanted a large kitchen, an extension makes it possible. If you’ve always needed room to sit and think, you can do so with an extension. Of course, this depends on how much space you have around the property, but the possibilities could be endless. 

Tips for Your Home Extension

  • Know Your Budget

A budget is always important when making significant adjustments to your home, so understanding how much money you have to spare will help you gauge what is possible. This will prevent disappointment or frustration later on and ensures you get the perfect extension without breaking the bank. 

  • Consider How It Will Impact the Home

From the boiler to the electricity, and even garden space, an extension will have an impact on the overall running of the home. Most of the time, it won’t be too much of a difference, but it’s still worth thinking about so that you don’t encounter any unfortunate surprises once it is all finished. 

  • Use Trusted Builders

Working with reputable, versatile and experienced construction companies, such as what you’ll find at will give you peace of mind that the job will be completed on time and to the highest standard. When it comes to your home, you should only work with the very best. 

  • Think About Building Regulations

Unfortunately, you can’t just start building. There are always building regulations that you need to consider before work can begin. These can include issues including fire safety and structural integrity. While it can feel like more hassle, these regulations are in place for your benefit, so it’s worth researching what is necessary before getting started. 

  • Get Inspiration

You may already have an idea of the kind of home extension you want, but before finalising the plans, it’s worth looking for some inspiration. Finding this inspiration will give you further ideas and could even change your original plans for the better. A great visual place to start is where there is a wealth of design ideas which you may not have thought of at first.

  • Extending Your Home

Planning a home extension is an exciting time, and it will allow you to fall in love with your house all over again. Whether you want to extend your home for business, pleasure, or merely a convenience, there are plenty of advantages to doing so. 

Still, there are also a lot of things to keep in mind, so make sure you go into your home extension knowing what to expect. 


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