It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter; Is Your Home Ready?

It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter; Is Your Home Ready snow

Winter in the UK can be brutal. But the winter of 2021 is beginning to creep in and it’s already proving to be frightfully chilly.

After a warm summer, there’s a good chance your home is primed and ready to keep you cool – but now that winter is here that’s got to change.

From little changes to more significant fixes, there are lots of ways to better insulate your home in order to keep the heat in and the cold out.

While some of these changes may appear quite large-scale, think about it this way, it’ll probably cost the same as your heating bill if your home is poorly insulated and has to be constantly kept warm.

No more big bills, no more three-layers of pyjamas, and hot water bottles, it’s time to get your home ready for the winter ahead.


Do you have double glazing windows? If not, why not? They are essential during the cold British winters. Yes, they aren’t particularly cheap or easy to fit on a tight turnaround, but they’re absolutely essential for keeping the cold out.

Double glazing is a long-term investment that will save you hundreds on heating bills over time as the added insulation will be able to keep the heat trapped and your home cosy.

Sometimes it’s not just the single, double, or triple glazing of the windows that are letting the cold in, it may be down to little gaps that drafts can squeeze through.

Make sure that’s not the case. Keep your eye out for drafts and if you have any fill them up with some sealant or get your window re-fitted – and the same goes for doors!

It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter; Is Your Home Ready radiator


Some general heating rules; don’t turn the boiler on and off throughout the day. This actually uses more energy than it would have if it was just kept on for a longer period of time.

Make sure your radiators are regularly bled in order to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your heating when it counts. There are also a number of ways you can make your heating more efficient without having to buy a new boiler.

Take control of your heating, make sure that you’re using just the right amount – it doesn’t have to be a huge change. Sometimes it’s as simple as upgrading your valves which help you keep on top of your radiator’s output, only using as much energy as is needed.


If you live in an older home with a fireplace which is more or less decoration at this point, you may want to check and make sure it’s not letting the cold in.

Even cemented off chimneys let the cold through every now and then, but this can be easily fixed free of charge. Got any old rags or bedding? Shove it up the chimney for some makeshift insulation that will keep those winter drafts away.


Silky drapes look lovely, but they offer little to no protection against the cold. If you aren’t able to go for double glazing just now you can back up your window insulation with some heavy thermal curtains.

You can pick them up for less than £20, offering you a cheap and effective second layer of protection against the cold.

If you look around, you’ll see that there are some stylish options out there too – you don’t have to compromise aesthetic for practicality!

Be Ready

From windows and curtains to simple radiator valves like those that can be picked up at Trade Radiators, there are lots of ways to prep your home for the incoming winter.

Just don’t wait too long, as the cold is already creeping in. Don’t fail to prepare, prepare to be very, very cold!


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