Yorkshire – Five Scenic Road Trips to Enjoy


Summer is quickly approaching, and for those that enjoy taking their classic car on the road with the wind in their hair, this is perfect time to plan the next road trip. As the largest county in the UK, Yorkshire has its fair share of scenic driving routes. Whether you’re looking for a route where you can take it slow and enjoy the scenery, or just want the freedom of being able to take your car out without the frustration of traffic, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Yorkshire has some amazing roads which are perfect for enjoying a classic car without having to concern yourself with the hustle and bustle of busy main roads and motorways. You can simply enjoy your time driving. The Classic Car Finance Team at Cambridge & Counties Bank had fun putting together some of the best scenic routes, perfect for a day out in your classic car.

1. York to Helmsley

Both these locations are great to visit, so you can spend some time in both whilst simultaneously having an enjoyable drive. The main road between York and Helmsley, the B1363, offers beautiful views of the Yorkshire countryside. This includes the picturesque Howardian Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This road offers plenty of scenic views along the way, so you can experience a relaxing drive, and even pull up to enjoy a picnic if the weather permits!

2. Pickering to Whitby

For this one you’ll want to get your timings right as this route can get quite busy with traffic during peak rush hour times and during the weekends; by travelling mid-week and out of rush hour you can help ensure a smoother run. This 20-mile journey along Whitby Road is definitely worth the trip and offers some of the most stunning views of the North York Moors and can be a fantastic driving experience for classic car enthusiasts.

3. Whitby to Hutton-le-Hole

Staying with Whitby, there are plenty of beautiful drives around the coastal town. You can take a 20-mile drive from Whitby to Hutton-le-Hole, another beautiful town 7 miles out of Pickering. This route offers a trip through the North York Moors National Park if you travel along the A174 and B1460 before turning onto the A171.

4. Skipton Old Road

The road from Colne Golf Club to Skipton is perfect for those who love a road which is made for enjoyable driving. This country road is a 10 mile stretch which boasts plenty of long straights and sweeping corners. In addition to a relaxing driving experience you’ll also get time to admire some of beautiful Yorkshire countryside views, including vast farmland, moorland and the route even offers some amazing places to stop and grab a bite to eat on the way.

5. Wharfedale Circuit

The Wharfedale Circuit offers plenty of picturesque monuments and countryside views; including abbeys and a medieval castle. On this route you can visit Grassington, Bolton Abbey and Skipton Castle. You’ll see the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales as well as plenty of interesting scenery; start from Grassington and head on to the B6160 before heading down Wharfdale to Bolton Abbey. From Bolton Abbey you can take the A59 west onto the A6131 to Skipton Castle – an amazing day out!

Whichever of these routes you decide to take, you’ll be sure to see plenty of beautiful Yorkshire countryside and enjoy the drive along the way. However, whilst this list is a good starting point, you will find that there are plenty more beautiful driving routes across Yorkshire; some of which you may even discover on your way.


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