Trollied – Series 1-7 boxset, plus specials Review

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By Karl Hornsey

The star-studded comedy series Trollied may have reached its climax with a Christmas special in 2018 after 71 episodes, but it’s only now that each and every episode has become available in one place, with the release of this boxset.

For those who have yet to sample even a single one of those episodes, Trollied is a sitcom set in the fictional ‘Valco’ supermarket in the Cheshire town of Warrington, which first broadcast in 2011. It’s a relatively light knockabout comedy series, which certainly seems to accurately portray the daily challenges of working in a store, and the relationships that build among people thrown together for so many hours every day. The interaction between staff and customers is especially joyful to watch, and the full seven series allows plenty of time and space for character development to naturally take place.

While the subject matter may be light, the casting is anything but, with a heavyweight ‘who’s who’ of British comedy appearing in several of the series, including some who managed to last the full course over its seven-year duration. Chief among them is Jason Watkins, who stars as store manager Gavin, and whose comic timing and versatility have made him one of the country’s most-loved actors, and Jane Horrocks, who was a key character in the first three series. Add in the likes of Mark Addy, Stephen Tomkinson, Aisling Bea, Sarah Parish, Sally Phillips and Rufus Hound, along with two stalwarts from one of the finest series ever written – Rita May and Lorraine Cheshire from Early Doors – and you’ve got a cast that most comedy writers would kill for.

trollied boxset review logo cover“Must-have”

And, as if that’s not enough of an incentive, there have been any number of guest appearances, including the likes of Ian Botham, Kelly Brook, Andrew Flintoff, Carol Vorderman and Richard Wilson to keep the storylines ticking along, with the American series Superstore beginning in 2015 and seemingly being based on Trollied in its premise and storylines.

I’m not entirely sure why this full box-set is only just now being made available – with the final episode (The Wedding) not having been released at all until now – but it’s a must-have for any fans and also includes behind-the-scenes features, outtakes and video diaries.

As with all comedies, the key is in knowing when to stop, and the writers of Trollied have got it just about right I think, bowing out after a decent length of time, without losing the quality of the earlier series. While it’s ‘never say never’ for a return in the future, this is the perfect box set for fans, or for anyone who missed out to have right old binge.

‘Trollied’ Series 1-7 Boxset is out now


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