The King of Limbs by Radiohead – Album Review

the king of limbs radiohead album review

by Matt Callard

Whatever Radiohead do, they just can’t seem to shake off their Massive Worldwide Following.

the king of limbs radiohead coverAs one of the band’s true musical ancestors and inspirations, Talking Heads, once asked, ‘How did we get here?’ By rights, their disowning of the MTV-slaying ‘Creep’ and cross-armed refusal to follow-up OK Computer with an aural equivalent should have seen the band relegated to admired cult status. Where one actually suspects they might just feel more comfortable.

“Can’t help but be alluring and unique”

But no. Nothing, not shunning their own record company, not delivering jazz/dub/electronica-inspired records, not even Thom Yorke’s increasingly disembodied, melody-phobic vocal delivery can shake off the millions who hang on their every note.

The King of Limbs does its best by throwing Philip Glass portentousness, dubstep, zithers and Miles Davis into the mix. But it still can’t help being oddly alluring, unique and brilliant. Darn: Mustn’t try harder.


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