Tomboy by Panda Bear – Album Review


by Matt Callard

Animal Collective’s fearless expansion across eight dizzyingly creative albums towards their ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’ commercial breakthrough did sometimes, perhaps inevitably, collide with the odd moment of awkward, head-scratching artiness.

tomboy by panda bear noah lennoxSo it shouldn’t be surprising that the band’s numerous offshoots do occasionally sprout a few thorns among the roses

“Offers perseverance some rich rewards”

Not so Noah Lennox’s second album as alter ego, Panda Bear. For Tomboy he dives ever deeper into Animal Collective’s multi-textured reference points. Genres rub against one another like never before.

This weird, beautiful, hallucinatory album is rhythmically heavier and more demanding than previous release Person Pitch, but offers perseverance some rich sonic rewards.


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