Flight hacks to boost your travelling experience


With summer holidays just around the corner, many brits are beginning to plan their well-deserved trip away. With relaxation being the number one goal for many looking to disconnect from the stresses of daily life, it’s unsurprising that all travellers pray for a smooth and tranquil flight to kick-start their holiday. 

As such, expert advice from a Wizzair steward has revealed the top 10 most relevant travel hacks for short-haul flights to boost your flying experience.

Don’t check a bag

Choosing a suitable size suitcase for hand luggage will be much cheaper than an overpacked suitcase As of 2022, The International Air Transport Association recommends a maximum size of 56 cm × 45 cm × 25 cm (22 in × 18 in × 10 in), including protuberances like wheels, handles, and pockets. Plus, the added benefit of not having to hang around waiting for your luggage will mean you can skip off the plane and get your holiday rolling as quickly as possible. 

Don’t exchange money at the airport 

It’s always tempting when you’re in a rush around the airport to see the first money exchanged point and dive right in while you’re on your way. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that changing money in airports can be extremely expensive, and you won’t get the favourable exchange rates you were hoping for. If you truly want to make your money stretch further, it’s important to plan this in advance or wait and go to an ATM near your hotel for better exchange rates.

Mark your bag as fragile 

For those who simply can’t cut back on clothes or who need to bring with them everything that they might need for any occasion possible, there is a hack for bags that get checked in. We recommend that you invest in large stickers that state ‘FRAGILE’ and stick one on each face of your luggage. Here’s why; this helpful hack will not only mean that your belongings will be handled with extra care, but also put your bag at the top of the pile for baggage re-claim, meaning you get to save-time and get to the fun part which is starting your holiday. 

Invest in noise cancelling headphones 

One of the understated but practical flight hack that will make for a more comfortable experience are noise cancelling headphones. As much as flights usually have a good atmosphere, you don’t always want to hear the excitable bunch ordering drinks on their way to Spain at 10 am on a Sunday morning, or the baby who can’t seem to stop the water works. That’s why investing in a pair of cheap headphones will block out any unwanted noise and allow you to relax on the journey to paradise. 

Choose your seat wisely 

Even the simplest of tasks can go wrong without the right planning. Some people prefer the back or the plane, while others prefer to be closer to the cockpit. However, no one likes to be right next to the only toilet on the plane and get a whiff of its contents when the door is repeatedly opening and closing. Choosing the right seat varies from person to person, but if you are one of those passengers that hates waiting for everyone to disembark the aircraft the front few seats may be the option for you. 

Prepare entertainment 

Unlike long-haul flights, short-haul don’t usually have an inbuilt screen into the back of the persons seat in from of you that offer a range of entertainment such as films or games. For shorter journeys, the only entertainment will be what you have prepared in advance. For this reason, we advise that prior to your flight, you download a selection of your favourite films, podcast or games on your electronic devices that are sure to make the flight go more quickly. 

Pre-charge electronic devices and brings a portable charger 

This then brings us to our next point; make sure all your electronic devices are fully charged before your flight so that you don’t run out of entertainment. A great back up solution is to bring on board a portable charger, just in case batteries get drained quickly from constant use. There’s nothing worse than your phone losing charge right in the middle of your favourite song or movie. 

Use up energy before the flight 

Some might say the worst part of the flight is having to sit down for a good two hours straight, and this is especially true for lively children. With this in mind, it may be wise to use up some energy before you fly. As many airports now have in-built mini playgrounds, children can used up as much of their energy and run around to their hearts content. The likelihood is, that when it comes to then board the flight and take a seat, they will be pleased to rest and in fact make a more comfortable flight for themselves and those around them. 

Sleep like a pro 

If you are one of those travellers who loves some shut eye on the journey, we have some hacks to make sure your nap is comfortable and undisturbed. Flying during the day may makes it rather difficult to achieve the perfect rest, but not if you prepare with an eye mask to block out unwanted light. For added comfort, try buying a cheap neck pillow to support your head while you nap. 

Plan your trip during shoulder season

Our top hack for those on a budget would be to travel during shoulder season – the period high and low season when the weather is still great but the destination is less busy. In places such as Spain and Portugal for example, the shoulder season is generally April through the middle of June, and September through to October. As you are travelling during off-peak, flights are usually more affordable and perfect for a long weekend getaway.


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